Dark fantasy boomer shooter Souldead announced for PC

Heathen Software have announced Souldead, a retro-inspired dark fantasy boomer shooter coming to Windows PC.

Currently, Souldead is slated to release in Q4 2022 for Windows PC(via Steam). Console versions are in the works as well, though exact platforms and dates are still unknown.

In Souldead, players control an ancient necromancer that has recently be reawakened by cultists following his torturous demise over 200 years ago. The game is heavily inspired by classic shooters from the ’90s and early ’00s, Such as Heretic, Hexen, Painkiller, and Serious Sam. Slaughter hordes of enemies within an arsenal of enchanted guns, mystical artifacts, arcane spells, and telekinetic powers that allow you to fling objects and hazards at your foes.

You can find the announcement trailer below:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Meet Souldead.

Soul dead is a first-person shooter with great deal of emphasis on action and exploration. Fight horizontally and vertically, attack enemies from above, use magic to tramp the ground and send demons back to hell. Jump on ledges and use your magic to hurl objects at your opponents and destroy walls, behind which there is often a reward.

Main features:

  • Fast action with new gameplay mechanics
  • A beautiful environment and time travel games
  • Elements of exploration and time travel games
  • Explore an ancient, dark castle, destroy hordes of enemies in Rome, visit Victorian England
  • Never seen before weapons – paladin’s heart, holy cross




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