Days Gone For PlayStation 4 Launches In 2019

Sony has announced February 22 as the launch date for Days Gone from Bend Studio. The open-world zombie apocalypse survival game that gives players the chance to take the role of a hero with a motorcycle steed. Here’s the latest trailer of Days Gone.

Hordes of undead, rival biker gangs, infected bears, mangy dogs, gruesome birds, and your bike breaking down on you in the center of all that. Those infected animals are known as Criers in the Days Gone world, and you can expect to combat with anything from enraged mountain lions, psycho crows and even killer bears.

In addition, ambush events were also introduced by the developers where a rival gang attempts to take you off your bike and attack you. In a previous trailer, this was accomplished with a wire tied between two trees. The trailer also introduces a brand new human faction known as the Rippers, a cult that worship the Freakers and also kills anybody who is not associated with them.

Bend Studio will be revealing Days Gone gameplay at E3 next week.