Dead Cells X Hollow Knight Crossover Announced

The Knight is finally meeting the possessed corpse! …. actually, never mind, The Knight is a bit shy so they won’t be running around in Dead Cells, but they did borrow us with their trusty Pure Nail, aiding us with upward and downward attack, while bouncing and dealing critical damage with downward attack.

Anyway, now that everyone is here, let’s talk about how do we find everyone. According to Motion Twin, unusual rooms are shifting from another dimension in Prisoners’ Quarters, there lies glory and strength along with new tools, if you wish to seek the truth, find the strange, mysterious, might-be-full-of-hints book written with cryptic and incomprehensible sayings”.

Alright so Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update is actually a special Christmas gift from Motion Twin, bringing crossover with six indie games, each with a special outfit and weapon. Six of them includes:

New weapon: Face Flask
New outfit: Penitent’s Outfit
Crush the Face Flask on your forehead, dealing low damage to yourself and transforming 35 percent of your missing health into recovery.

Curse of the Dead Gods
New weapon: Machete and Pistol
New outfit: Explorer’s Outfit
Slash twice with a machete. The third attack uses the pistol to bump and inflict critical damage to nearby enemies. Holding the attack button charges a slow and powerful ranged attack.

New weapon: Pollo Power
New outfit: Luchador’s Outfit
Channel your chicken spirit with the Pollo Power, turning into a chicken for a few seconds while firing several explosive eggs around you.

Hollow Knight
New weapon: Pure Nail
New outfit: Vessel’s Oufit
The Pure Nail can attack upward and downward. Attacking downward while airborne causes you to bounce on your enemies, dealing critical damage.

Hyper Light Drifter
New weapon: Hard Light Sword / Hard Light Gun
New outfit: The Magician’s Outfit
The Hyper Light Gun marks its targets while also dealing damage. The Sword deals critical damage to the marked targets, increasing with the number of gun marks on the target. Sword hits also recharge the gun’s ammo, which doesn’t recharge passively.

New weapon: Bone
New outfit: Little Bone’s Outfit
Smash enemies with a bone club. Hitting with the second attack enables a whirlwind attack that deals critical damage.

If you haven’t tried Dead Cells, you can get it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Android, iOS, Linus, Mac and Windows PC. While on Steam, Dead Cells is having a bundle sales at 20% off with Guacamelee! 2, Curse of the Dead Gods and Skul: The Hero Slayer.



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For more information, Please visit:
Dead Cells Official Website

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