Destiny 2’s Guardians Have Finally Solved the Tedious Corridors of Time Puzzle

After a string of lengthy vault exploring, Destiny 2’s Guardians have finally solved the complex puzzle for Corridors of Time.

corridors of time solution


The Corridors of Time quest area is a huge maze of vaults connected by portals, with each section represented with a different symbol. Players had shared their experiences and screenshots, submitting their finds on subreddit and Discord groups. The Corridors of Time was a community effort as players gathered pieces for a puzzle that created a maze which then led to an emblem in another Vault room. The emblem Vault room has its own codes, which were pieced together by thousands of Guardians to locate the final code.


After players navigate through the Corridors of Time vaults in the order of the above symbols, they come to a grave. When they arrive, Saint-14 delivers a eulogy for their guardian and initiate the final quest which awards players with the Exotic Kinetic fusion rifle, Bastion.