Destiny Private Match Feature Is Live Now

Destiny has provided private match update ahead of the upcoming launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron. Destiny players could start seeking ghosts in private Crucible matches. Dead ghosts are buried in every map, which when revived also unlocks a new Grimoire card adding little information about Destiny’s lore.

The new ‘Private Match’ feature is only available for Destiny players on PS4 and Xbox One.

destiny ghost

With the new private match feature, you’re able to pick your own matches, customize about 15 game modes and decide on the number of players you want to play with. The best part about this is that players gets the opportunity to explore Crucible maps without hostile strangers getting in their way.

destiny private server

Destiny players have begun uploading their discoveries to the Destiny subreddits and is best to avoid them to save yourself from spoilers here.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is expected to release on September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will feature a new cinematic story campaign, new six-player raid and new gears.