Developer Edition Of Microsoft HoloLens To Ship On March 30th

Those looking to develop for the augmented-reality headset from Microsoft can look forward to it being shipped on March 30th. In a post on Microsoft’s official blog, the preorder for the Microsoft HoloLens Developer Edition is now available for developers and that they can expect it soon.

HoloLens Developer Edition

The HoloLens Developer Edition will be a stand-alone Windows 10 device that requires no external cameras, wires, markers, phones, or even a connection to a PC to run. Using HD displays and combining them with a very precise internal eye calibration and see-through lenses, the HoloLens is able to create a convincing holographic display to the wearer.

Given the very few details that Microsoft has given about the HoloLens, the news of the Developer Edition shipping out soon could mean that Microsoft is closer to a consumer edition.

At the moment, Virtual Reality headsets are making the headlines as the consumer edition of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have already been announced with a substantial price tag. Sony’s Playstation VR is expected to be announced during the upcoming GDC 2016.

While the HoloLens was taking a backseat to all the VR talk, Microsoft’s last showcase with the HoloLens showed how it can be used for gaming in ways that are different from VR. A consumer edition won’t be launching anytime soon but at least, we’ll know that developers can start making applications for the AR headgear.

Source: Windows Official Blog

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