Diablo Immortal release date for June 2022


The Diablo Immortal release date is set for June 2nd on Windows PC as well infamously on smartphones, on both iOS and Android. Both platforms support cross-play and cross-progression, meaning you’ll be able to carry your progress over on mobile or PC, as well as play with players on either platform.

While the Diablo Immortal release date is set for June 2nd, the PC version will be an open beta release.

Here’s a new trailer confirming the Diablo Immortal release date:

Video Source:YouTube

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Diablo Immortal is a brand-new game in Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action role-playing game series set between the events of Diablo® II: Lord of Destruction® and Diablo III®. Explore the nightmarish realm of Sanctuary like never before, now a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where angels and demons wage an endless war over dominion of the mortal realm. Join forces with countless other players on an epic quest to collect the shattered fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and prevent the Lord of Terror’s return. Fans of Diablo and new players alike will embark on an adventure across a vast open world where they will clash with armies of demons, collect epic loot, and gain unimaginable power.


SLAY YOUR WAY – Choose from four highly iconic and customizable classes – Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard. Gain new abilities with each successful encounter and clash to become the most powerful player in the arena of war. Gear up with all-new set items and legendary weapons, and even level up your favorite weapons so they can grow in power alongside you. With so many ways to customize your character and gear, Diablo Immortal gives you unprecedented flexibility to be who you want to be in the vast MMORPG world of Sanctuary.

VISCERAL, FAST-PACED COMBAT – Diablo Immortal provides a peerless MMORPG gaming experience which translates the best PC mechanics into snappy, intuitive controls on your mobile device. Whether you’re on a raid for fighting hordes of demons solo you will always feel at command. Directional control make it easy to move heroes around the world, and activating a skill is as easy as holding a thumb down on a skill to aim, then releasing it to unleash hell on your foes.
EXPLORE A VAST WORLD – From the war-torn surroundings of Wortham to the grand city of Westmarch and the shadows of the Bilefen Jungle – Players have a vast world in front of them to explore. Your journey will take you through changing landscapes and ever evolving challenges the Diablo series has never seen, including raids in huge ever-changing dungeons. Diablo Immortal has something for everyone whether you enjoy the fighting through endless dungeons or spending your time uncovering every corner of the world.

A MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE – Players will have countless opportunities to meet and socialize with their fellow adventurers in the world of Sanctuary. Whether it’s jumping into the arena of battle, embarking on a raid through the shadows of a dungeon, or upgrading gear – Diablo Immortal is here to support a rich MMORPG experience.




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