Diablo Invades Heroes of the Storm In Eternal Conflict Expansion

Even though it has only been a few weeks since the beta came out, Heroes of the Storm have been building up their content. And now, a new expansion is coming for the ever-growing MOBA.

The expansion, titled Eternal Conflict, will come to players on June 30 and with it, a huge amount of Diablo-themed content for the game. The Eternal Conflict expansion will introduce two new maps, new heroes, and a new pre-game mechanic that lets you earn some extra spending-gold before the match begins.

Diablo fans will notice that the treasure goblin made an appearance in the trailer and will be pleased to hear that the NPC is a part in the new mechanic in Heroes of the Storm expansion.

The treasure goblin will be running around the starting area before the match begins and players will have the opportunity to attack the goblin for it to drop some gold. This extra gaming mechanic should be a good way for players to nab some extra gold before the real battle begins.

Heroes of the Storm Eternal Conflict

Aside from the new maps, new hero characters such as The Butcher from Diablo will now be available as a playable hero and we’ve got some details on his abilities:

(Q) Hamstring – Deal damage and slow enemies in his area.
(W) Butcher’s Brand – The Butcher’s signature attack and one that anyone using this character must seek to master. The Butcher’s Brand ability damages an enemy and leaves them with a demonic mark. When the Butcher attacks any marked target, he will leave damage, as well as heal for 75 percent of the damage inflicted. That amount is doubled against Heroes for a whopping 150 percent heal rate, which means the Butcher can go toe-to-toe with just about anybody and win nearly all one-on-one situations. 
(E) Ruthless Onslaught – Taking a page from his Diablo days, the Butcher will slowly charge towards any enemy Hero, causing stun damage when he catches his target. There’s also an objective
(R1) Lamb to the Slaughter – The Butcher will raise a pole at a targeted area, which will then latch itself to the nearest enemy Hero. The enemy will then be tethered to that pole, making it impossible to escape. Even Zeratul and Muradin’s abilities cannot escape this Ultimate.
(R2) Furnace Blast – The Butcher will take three seconds to prepare a massive blast of fire. Any opposing team member caught over the newly-created furnace grate will get caught in a giant blast and suffer major damage.

King Leoric and the Monk will also come to the expansion. King Leoric will come with an ability called March of the Black King and the power to Entomb enemies. No details were shared about Diablo’s support character, the Monk as a playable hero.

The new expansion will definitely please fans of Heroes of the Storm with its abundant content. What will be more interesting is to see whether new fans will be flock to the game, now that Blizzard has introduced a Diablo-themed content for the game.

The Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict expansion will come to PC on June 30.

Source: Heroes of the Storm expansion ‘Eternal Conflict’ detailed


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