Digital Only PS3 Games To Download Before It’s Too Late

The PS3 store is closing, leaving anyone that has a PS3 unable to download some of the best games still available on the console. Sony will be closing the PSP and PS Vita stores, too. Which games in the PS3 library should you be downloading? Don’t forget to grab your PSN Gift Cards, you’re gonna need it!

There are quite a few games that you can still buy as long as you have some PlayStation Gift Cards in hand.


Digital PS3 Games to Download Before They’re Gone

PSN may be shutting down, but there’s still time to download some great games before they shut their doors for good. Many of these games are older, but that doesn’t make them any less fun to play.

These are some of the best digital games to download now before it’s too late.


Suikoden 2

Suikoden 2 was first released more than 20 years ago in 1999, but it’s still considered one of the best games of all time. This Japanese RPG has more than 100 recruitable characters, and more than 40 can be used in combat.

The story takes place several years after the events of the original Suikoden.

The protagonist travels around, visiting cities to gather information, sharpen weapons and buy gear. The wilderness is filled with random monster encounters.

Battles involve six-person parties, but it’s the story and artwork that make this game so captivating. With so many plot twists and betrayals, you might think that you’re in a Game of Thrones episode.

Never played the original Suikoden? No worries. Suikoden 2 has a standalone story.

And for just USD 10, you can own a piece of gaming history before it disappears.


Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain series is legendary. Kain, the protagonist, is a vampire who’s on a quest to restore balance to the world. The game is set in Nosgoth, a gothic fantasy world.

In the series prologue Blood Omen, Kain is a nobleman who’s killed and resurrected as a vampire by Mortanius, a necromancer.

Gameplay features a mix of puzzle-solving, exploration, and action. The story focuses on heavy themes like destiny, free will, and redemption. Inspired by Shakespeare, ancient texts, and horror fiction, Legacy of Kain is a must-have that every gamer should download before it’s too late.


Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle turns the survival game genre on its head. In a post-apocalyptic world, Tokyo is abandoned and has been taken over by vicious wildlife. In this game of survival, you won’t be playing as a human – you’ll be playing as an animal.

Tokyo Jungle has two modes: a story mode and a survival mode. When playing in story mode, you’ll complete animal missions to uncover the truth about what happened to humanity. Survival mode lets you pick an animal and do your best to survive.

In survival mode, your animal only has 15 years to live, which means that on top of feeding and fighting to survive, you’ll also need to mate with other creatures in the world. If you succeed, you’ll get to play as the new generation to continue your adventure.

But mating is more complicated than it sounds. You’ll need to take over the territory and eliminate any potential threats to make sure it’s a safe place to raise your young.

Completing Challenges, which can range from killing a certain number of creatures to taking over an area, will earn you Survival Points. These points are a type of currency that you can use to unlock more creatures.

There are more than 80 types and 50 breeds of animals in Tokyo Jungle, with everything from chickens to Pomeranians, lions, hippos, hyenas, and Sika deer.

Don’t let the cute animals fool you – surviving is tough. That’s what makes this game so special. No matter what mode you’re playing in, you’ll have to rely on your creature’s skills and instincts to make it through.

The controls themselves make it easy to pick up and play Tokyo Jungle, but it’s a difficult game to master.

Tokyo Jungle is hard to classify. There’s nothing out there like it. That’s part of the charm. It’s a fun game to play and one that you should download while you still can.



Known in Asia as Lost in the Rain, Rain is an adventure game released in 2013. It’s set in a town inspired by Paris, and gameplay involves solving puzzles and completing tasks.

Rain has a unique mechanic: All of your enemies are invisible unless they’re standing in the rain. You’re invisible, too, unless you’re standing in the rain. Anyone standing under a bridge, canopy, or indoors is invisible. When you’re invisible, you won’t be able to see the character, but your enemies won’t be able to see him either.

You can only be tracked by your watery footprints. Rain’s gameplay is casual – simple puzzles and platforming.

Rain’s ability to evoke mood and emotion is really what makes this title stand out in the crowd. You’ll feel lonely. You’ll feel anxious. You’ll be left thinking about the story long after It’s through.

The art style, minimal storytelling, and mesmerizing score make this one of the best games in its class. If you want more games that you can just load up and play without too much thinking, Rain is a great choice. Grab this one from the PlayStation Network before it’s gone.


Trash Panic

Released in 2009, Trash Panic is a frenetic puzzle game. The concept is simple: you drop objects – one at a time – into a trash compactor until it reaches a certain weight. Your job is to break up the garbage by tossing the unbroken garbage into the can.

The garbage isn’t always easy to break. Some items are made of metal or rubber, which are hard or impossible to smash. There are boss items, too, that have to be smashed quickly or you get a big penalty.

Trash Panic has six levels. The first two levels are pretty basic, but the following levels add more hazards, like oil, water, and huge objects.

There’s a two-player mode on level 3, so you can play with friends.

Trash Panic is a fun, casual game that’s utterly ridiculous, but that’s what makes it so great. Add this game to your collection before it’s too late.


Dead Space 1 & 2

The Dead Space franchise is a survival horror game with a sci-fi theme. The first game takes place on a mining spaceship that’s been overtaken by monsters called Necromorphs. These monsters were let loose after the discovery of an artifact.

You play as Isaac Clarke, who’s trying to make his way through the spaceship while fighting Necromorphs and his psychosis.

As you explore different areas of the ship, you’ll solve puzzles and search for equipment and ammunition to stay alive.

Dead Space 2 takes the story to a hospital on the Sprawl, a metropolis on Saturn’s biggest moon. Clarke starts with no memory of the last three years.

Both Dead Space games have notable features and mechanics, like messy combat. The monsters in this game don’t care if you shoot them in the head. You’ll have to dismember them to destroy them.

Everything happens in real-time, and you’ll have to use improvised weapons to stay alive.

Dead Space 1 and 2 are top-rated games, and if you’re a fan of the survival horror genre, this is one title that you should download before it’s gone.



If you’ve ever played Monument Valley, Echochrome will feel very familiar. It’s a non-Euclidean puzzle game where you’ll navigate through tight levels where physics depends on your perspective.

The gameplay incorporates Jun Fujiki’s Object Locative Environment Coordinate System, so whatever’s happening in the game is entirely dependent on the camera’s perspective.

Objectives are marked by shadows called echoes. When you visit the last marked position, one more echo will appear that you’ll need to reach to complete the level. Scores are based on the timing of completion for each level.

Echochrome has a unique gameplay mechanic – you can’t actually control the character. The character moves autonomously and follows the path along each shape. To complete levels, you’ll need to alter the path by changing your perspective or rotating shapes.

While the character can’t step off of a shape or surface, it can fall off. Depending on where you are in space, your character may land on another shape or fall off the face of the earth.

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, you’ll love Echochrome. It’s a challenging game that’s difficult to master, but that’s what makes it so fun and addicting. Be sure to add this title to your collection before it’s gone.


Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns puts a dark spin on the traditional Alice in Wonderland story. When her family is killed, Alice becomes mentally disturbed. Once again, she has to venture into the warped and twisted world of Wonderland.

Along the way, you’ll encounter twisted creatures, and the puzzles are even more haunting. Alice’s world is quickly descending into insanity.

In the second installment of this series, Alice has new magical abilities and her Vorpal Blade. Alice is determined to restore her sanity and discover the truth about how her family died.

Each level has secrets to discover. And you’ll need to use Alice’s shrinking potion to cut down your size and walk through tiny spaces, like keyholes. Radula rooms offer challenges, and you can pick up memories that reveal more of the story.

Alice: Madness Returns is a fun, psychological thriller of a game with challenging puzzles and stunning graphics. It has a dark side, but that’s what makes this game so attractive. Make sure that you download it before it’s too late.


Savage Moon

Savage Moon is a tower defense game that takes place on a mining moon. The goal? To defend your mines against swarms of alien insects. If too many get through, the game is over – you lose.

Some of these insects crawl, but others can fly. You’ll have to defend against both types if you want to win.  

The game has research trees, and you can earn cash bonuses for taking on new swarms early. There are also big bugs that need some extra planning and serious strategy.

Gameplay is challenging, but planning and strategy will help you prevail.

If you’re a fan of strategy games and sci-fi, you’ll love Savage Moon. Make sure that you download this one before the PSN store is gone for good.


Portal 2

Portal 2 is the sequel to the original Portal game and is a first-person perspective that can be played in a single-player or cooperative mode. As a single-player, you’ll take control of Chell while the cooperative mode has you taking control of Atlas and P-Body.

As with any of the three characters, you can interact and explore the environment.

Portal 2 takes place 50 to 50,000 years after the original game – no one knows for sure – but Chell is woken up from the Relaxation Chamber to find a facility that is crumbling around her. You’ll be trying to escape back to the real world and out of Aperture Science.

You’ll be confronted with puzzles that seem impossible, but you’ll need to make portals to overcome obstacles.

Create portals, throw cubes and other equipment through them, or walk through them yourself. Portal 2 is one of the most talked-about and loved games, and it’s one that you’ll need to download now that the PS3 store is going to close.

You won’t be blown away by the graphics, but the gameplay makes this one of the classic games that video game fans of all ages should play at least once.

Right now, PlayStation is having its spring sale, where you can get up to 70% off games until April 28. Now is the perfect time to snag these games from PSN before they’re gone forever. And be sure to check out our Monthly Games Introduction April Edition for more great games to try.

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