Discord Putt Party and Watch Together!

Discord Putt Party and Watch Together!

Have fun with friends on Discord with games and watch videos togethers!

Right now anyone with desktop or web can jump in on Activities, just hit the rocket ship button and choose your desire Activities. Your friend can join by hover over the Voice channel they’re in and you’ll see a new “Join Activity” option.

List of Activities everyone can access:

  • Watch Together: Enjoy the same YouTube video at the same time.
  • Putt Party: Mini golf, mega drama.



What’s more Discord Nitro subscribers can access even more Activities, and their friends can join in even if they aren’t subscribed to Nitro themselves!

Discord Nitro additional Activities:

  • Poker Night: Give your Voice channel that Vegas high-roller vibe.
  • Sketch Heads: Okay, so they’re either drawing a snake or a sandwich.
  • Chess in the Park: One of the world’s classiest board games.
  • Checkers in the Park: More laid-back than chess, and even more kings.
  • Land-io: Claim territory and become outstanding in your field(s).
  • Letter League: Wow, that’s a real word? That’s a lot of points.
  • Blazing 8s: Get rid of your hand first or cry trying.
  • SpellCast: Wow, that’s a real word? Also, you’re a wizard.



Discord have announced there’s more Activities coming Discord in the future!

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