Discord: Reinventing the Video Game Sphere

Discord: Reinventing the Video Game Sphere


Video games or gaming, even ‘till this day have a negative stigma to it. Despite having overwhelming success at the esports international stage, video games as a hobby or a career is still frowned upon.

While many of these naysayers do have their points, we still cannot deny that the video game industry as a whole has come a long way. And interestingly enough, a simple gamer chat app has been one of its major contributors.


Discord-Nitro New OffGamers


Discord Being More Than Just a Gaming Chat App


Making its way into the digital sphere, Discord was first released to the world in 2015. Although it was said that Discord does not have a specific target audience, its user-friendliness and minimalistic design was quickly accepted by the younger generation.

And through different gaming subreddits, Discord developed a following and overtime, became one of the largest and most successful voice apps in the esports industry. Yet the question lies, how did it change gaming?

In a way, Discord has been able to link peeps from various communities, not only from gaming but from other industries like educators, tech enthusiasts and even a place for civil political discussions.


Discord as a Community


We were all gutted when the legendary MSN messenger closed its door in 2014. It was way ahead of its time, allowing people to share customise their profile and form groups of the same interest, albeit that the UI at the time was very dated.

Discord is basically making use of this concept while using the full extent of modern technology. It brought back the charm of the community from MSN and integrated it with the sophistication of today’s technology.

Bots can be created to auto-generate information about current topics and can even serve as a mini-game moderator. These were all wanted from the MSN, but it was limited to the technology of its time.

Hence, this brought back something that was lost, not only within gamers, but for communities worldwide.

Customisable servers, bots and streaming have allowed people to bridge gaps and talk about their interests and elephant-in-the-room topics in a safe space.

Therefore, if one was to say that Discord is merely a voice app, they are just at the tip of the iceberg.


A Long-lasting Home and The Perfect Escape


As of late 2020, Discord has already accumulated more than 140 million active users and we expect that the numbers will not be stopping anytime soon.

This is because Discord is not only thriving in the video game scene, but has made its roots in a multitude of groups.

Plus, with the ongoing pandemic, Discord can also be seen as a virtual escape for many.

It is a place where anyone can call home and it is definitely here to stay.


An Better Experience with Discord Nitro

As a community, we always recommend that users give back to the services that they truly enjoy.

While Discord is technically free, its premium subscription, Discord Nitro is for those who want an enhanced experience. Discord Nitro basically allows users to:-


– customise your own profile

– access to exclusive emotes and stickers

– upload larger files and boost servers

– better voice quality and HD resolution for streaming


So, if you want to give back or have a better Discord experience, you can now upgrade to Nitro by clicking here!


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