Discord Store In Beta And Games Can Be Launched Directly From The App

Discord has finally launched its store beta and it is now accessible to all users.

The store contains games from a variety of publishers and Discord Store is set to concentrate on supplying users using a curated library of selections such as Celeste, Frostpunk, Into the Breach and Dead Cells. Discord team wanted to make it easier for gamers to find out what games are suitable for them to play with their friends. Their curated selection, editorialized content, and surfacing of social information is the new recommendations feature that assist gamers in figuring out which games are right for them.


Additionally, the current store update also includes the new Discord Library, a new universal library feature that allow gamers to launch a game from within the Discord app, regardless of where the game was purchased. For Nitro subscribers, you’ll be getting several collection of games for free.

discord game app

The game list includes This War of Mine, Soma, Inside, as well as Metro: Last Light Redux, Brutal Legend and Psychonauts. For those who are interested with Discord Nitro, the subscription will costs $9.99 a month. There’s over 60 curated games in Nitro at the moment, along with ‘First on Discord’ titles, where these new games are temporarily exclusive on Discord alone.