Discovering A New Home Inside MMORPGs

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MMORPGs: A Home Away From Home

MMORPGs, better known as Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game brings some great adventures for veterans and newcomers alike. 

And no, you don’t need to be a professional to even start playing MMORPGs. They’re some of the easiest to grasp games with their tutorials and introductory chapters.

Honestly, MMORPGs help connect gamers to each other no matter where they are in the world. Because of this ease of adaptability and connection, it is easy for players to make MMORPGs a home away from home.


Joining Communities

There’s something heartwarming about being able to find a community that understands you and supports you. In MMORPGs, you have the freedom to join any guild, clan or community that exists within the game’s world. There are even communities for the game on social media sites and occasionally fansites dedicated to these games. 

Either way, when you join an MMORPG, you are given the chance to meet like-minded people and those who share the same love for the game. 

There have been several occasions where these communities formed support groups for each other; some of them even meet in real life and become best friends! Just imagining that warms my heart.

Some even feel closer to their gamer friends than their own family members. In fact, there are instances where players take up their community as their family. Even so, always be wary about the strangers you meet on the internet and always use your better judgement!


Keeping in Touch With Friends and Families While Apart

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Talking about family, MMORPGs could be a way to bring your family closer, especially if you’re living in a completely different household or country entirely. These games could be used as family bonding time, where you can go on adventures together or team up to defeat orcs in faraway dungeons.

Plus, as a family, your teamwork would be pretty great right? And teamwork is one of the important core factors in ensuring victory in certain parts of the game. 

Even if you don’t work well together, you’ll build a sense of teamwork with your family – growing closer and perhaps finding out new things about each other.

Not only that, being apart from your family would surely make you miss them a little bit, no matter how annoying you think they are. 

With voice chats added into certain MMORPG games or the use of Discord in the background, you get to hear their wonderful selves loud and clear. Almost like they’re in the room with you!


Being Yourself

One of the biggest things about MMORPGs is the wide customization options available. From your facial features to your body shape and sizes, you could model your character after yourself to a tee. 

Either that or you could create a vision of who you WANT to be, which is still pretty cool! 

Sometimes we can’t fully express ourselves in real life, be it due to financial restrictions, being brought up in a strict environment or just feeling like we’re not ready to commit just yet. In MMORPGs, that could all change. You could be one step closer to who you want to be.

And with the variety of classes, you could experience being a powerful wizard, a sly assassin, an honourable knight and more! Whatever character or powers you’ve always wanted to have, MMORPGs could help you bring to life.


Wide Variety of Genres

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You know, MMORPGs are not tied to action adventures, shooting people or going on crazy quests to save lives. There are MMORPGs that are more casual and chill that you could simply take your time exploring. You can essentially chill and make these games a place to live in.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an MMORPG without any adventuring since these worlds are usually expansive with lots to do.

Some examples of chill MMORPGs are games like the Sims, Temtem and You could definitely find an MMORPG that would fit your interests as it is a big genre that encompasses sims, first-person shooters, turn-based strategy and more. 

It’s easy to dive deep into MMORPGs, they create an environment that is free for you to build your own life. So if you’re looking for some to dive into right now, we have the Steam keys of Trove and Archeage Unchained readily available on our site.


Gamigo and OffGamers Partnership

OffGamers is happy to be working with Gamigo in bringing the Steam Keys of ArchAge Unchained and Trove to a wider audience. Hopefully, this would bring in more love to the MMORPG genre, which is always better shared!

Trove is an action MMO that has voxel graphics. In simpler words, it looks like Minecraft as an MMORPG; which is pretty dang cool if you ask me. None of the sandbox Minecraft stuff, but a whole lot of dungeons and battles MMORPGs are known for. You can access it right here.

Archeage Unchained could easily transport you into a realistic fantasy world for you to join in on an adventure with your desired class combinations. A classic, true to heart MMORPG right here if you’re looking for one.

So, what are you waiting for? Join in on the adventure with these MMORPGs today and find your home away from home!