Disney Melee Mania Joining Exclusively on Apple Arcade This December

From the creators of Butter Royale, Mighty Bear Studio, the new 3v3 MOBA game Disney Melee Mania has announced to be joining exclusively on Apple Arcade this December. Brawl through the holo-arena with your favorite Disney and Pixar’s characters and bring your team to champion. Events will land regularly with special prizes to collect.

The game will launch with 12 champions including Wreck-It Ralph, Elsa, Moana and Buzz Lightyear, each player will choose their unique holographic hero to battle in 3v3 matches. Each are equipped with character-related abilities and unlockable cosmetics. Players will need to score as high as possible within five-minute matches to win the battle.

Disney Melee Mania will bring fan-favorite characters into the battle arena on Apple Arcade - CNET

There are two modes available:
Team Rumble: Knock down opponents to earn points
Spotlight Dash: Capture spotlights on the map to earn points



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