Disney Mirrorverse : How to build the best team !


Disney Mirrorverse could be described as an ARPG or action role-playing game.

You control a team of Disney characters, called Guardians, from a third-person perspective and fight back the Fractured forces of evil using magic and character-specific abilities.

These include smaller scale skills like Sulley’s defensive shield, or huge magical attacks like Maleficent’s dragon transformation.

The trailer at the top of the page, as well as the embedded tweet below gives you a brief glimpse of how everything plays out.


Each character slots into one of 4 roles: Melee, Tank, Ranged and Support.

  • Melee Guardians slug it out up-close-and-personal in hand-to-hand combat with Fractured
  • Tank Guardians use defensive powers to draw enemies away from their allies
  • Ranged Guardians pick off foes from afar using magic or bows and arrows
  • Support Guardians use healing magic and spells to increase the power of their friends


You will need to create a team with varied strengths and weaknesses to succeed in battle and progress through the Mirrorverse story.

To create the best team in Disney Mirrorverse you need to pair characters of different types together to create combos.


Here are some things you could try:

  • Pair two Melee Guardians with a Support Guardian who can heal them as they take and deal out huge amounts of damage
  • Exploit the long-reaching attacks of a Ranged Guardian to deal big damage while a Tank or Melee Guardian soaks up all of the attention of enemies.
  • For extra tough challenges, why not load up on all Tank Guardians? What you lack in damage output you make up for in raw survivability and can spam your special abilities until the enemy is defeated.


How to upgrade Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse

An important part of saving the Mirrorverse from the Fractured is upgrading your roster of Guardians.

As well as their Star Rating from 1-5, each Guardian has a level inside of that Star Rating from 1-10. Once a Guardian reaches level 10 at a certain Star Rating, they go up to the next one and get more powerful.

Guardians can earn XP and level up just by doing story missions, but you can upgrade them more quickly in the character screen by using “Motes”.

Motes are bundles of power that grant your Guardians quick XP and are collected by completing story missions, completing quests, and generally playing Disney Mirrorverse.

You can get different kinds of Motes for each type of character – Melee, Ranged, Tank and Support – as well as Universal Motes that can be used for any.

Be sure to spend your Motes wisely and beef up your Guardians as much as possible!


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