Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin


The protagonists of the Divinity: Original Sin game are the “Source Hunters”. They are members of an organization whose mission is to eradicate dangerous magic called the source, including its adepts, which are the Sourcerers.

If you will be playing the single player version, you will be able to control both of them and while the two players cooperate, each of the players will take control over one of any of them.

Right at the start, the Source Hunters will be given orders to investigate a murder that takes place in a town run by a councilor that is suspected as a Sourcerer in Cyseal. This is a port town located in the southern Rivellon.

Right upon arriving, they will find Cyseal under siege by the Orcs and will soon be undead and eventually, they will discover that it was coordinated by the Sourcerer conspiracy that has been associated with the Immaculates. The Immaculates are a cult that is based in the Luculla Forest, in further inland.

They will also find evidence implicating the White Which, which is known to be the guardian of the Luculla Forest.

The search for evidences will take them to the fairy world of Hibernheim and they will find her trapped to a block of ice used by the leader of the Immaculates, called the Conduit. Right after they are freed, she will introduce herself as the Icara and she will plead guilty of accidentally killing the councilor.

On the other hand, the Source Hunters, having been able to uncover the evidence of the mass murder as well as the human sacrifice that has been carried out by the Immaculates, have chosen to ally themselves with her against the common enemy.

The Icara will reveal to them that the Conduit is actually her own estranged sister named Leandra and will direct them to infiltrate the Immaculates who have learned of their plans.

The Source Hunters will soon discover that the cult has been mining a toxic metal that is called the tenebrium. During the Luculla Mines, where they will encounter the Death Knights, known as the indestructible undead warriors that were created by Leandra with the use of tenebrium as well as the Source to conquer the Rivellon.

Leandra has destroyed the mines in a plan to kill the Source Hunters, however, they have managed to escape to safety which renders the Death Knights vulnerable.


divinity original sin


Game Description

The Divinity: Original Sin is a single player and multiplayer fantasy game that was developed by Larian Studios. The game allows players to build their own adventures in both single player and multiplayer versions and then publish the game online. The game was funded partially by Kickstarter and is a prequel to the Divine Divinity game.

It was expected to be released around October and November of 2013 and was delayed for February 2014 until such time that it was finally released in June 30, 2014.

Being the latest role playing game in the Divinity universe, the game revolves around two heroes. One is a condemned warrior that has been released from his chains and another is a mystic heroine that has been restored to life.

The game is a turn based combat game, a cooperative multiplayer game and a highly interactive world.

All throughout the game, the players will occasionally encounter a lot of magical crystals also known as the Star Stones. As soon as the player finds one, they will be transported to the Homestead, which is a mysterious fortress located outside of the usual space-time, which is familiar to both the characters.

As the game progresses and the characters will be able to recover more Star Stones, they will learn that the Source had originally become a benevolent magic that is associated with Astarte, known as the goddess of life.

That was before it gets corrupted by the Void, which is an evil force coming from the outside of the material world.


There are lots of reasons to love the Divinity: Original Sin. As stated, it is one of the best role playing games ever created. Here are the pros of playing the game.

• It is a challenging and intense turn based combat game.
• It features a ridiculous amount of content.
• The game encourages players to have their own choice or freedom in life.
• The game features an amazing soundtrack that features some of the best songs you’ll ever hear in gaming.
• It has a much detailed world compared to other role playing games.


There are also some flaws that come with this game. As observed by those who have played the Divinity: Original Sin, here are the things that might put you off.

• Might appear too challenging for other players.
• It has a clunky inventory system.
• The quests do not come with so much direction.


divinity original sin



The Divinity: Original Sin would require a lot of patience, from since the opening. At that time, you will be accustomed to the game’s quiet environment using your own intelligence and wits.

As you go on to the first town, familiarizing the ins and outs of the basic combat and crafting systems, you will then discover that there are lots of genre conventions that you have to live without.

There will be no automated crafting interfaces that will put the recipes that you have learned back together. Instead, you will have to remember all the recipes or refer back to your own notes.

There are only a few waypoints and quests that may not lead you directly to your destination. You may have to perform lots of meandering the early hours, allowing you to explore, test the waters and discover more about what the game has to offer.

But despite some minor flaws, the Divinity: Original Sin is indeed another role playing game that is definitely something to fall in love with. The game is one of those classic roles playing games that a lot of gamers would love to look back in so much fondness.



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