Dota 2 Major In Shanghai Was A Massive Trainwreck

When Valve fired James ‘2GD’ Harding along with the entire English production crew the next day, most fans and participants of the Dota 2 Major event in Shanghai hoped that conditions would’ve improved.

Turns out, they were wrong. Over the course of the two-day event, both participants, broadcasters and fans had to endure production mishaps, staff inadequacies and overall, a terrible event.

Dota 2 Empty venue

On the first day itself, signs of terrible production began when the event was delayed for two hours and the opening ceremony being cancelled. It’s not uncommon for delays to happen but the lack of transparency caused some confusion among players and casters alike.

If you thought that the production team would have stepped up their game to ensure the event progressed smoothly, you thought wrong. Throughout Day 1, casters and personalities alike started tweeting out the terrible conditions they were given to work with in the Shanghai Major.

It doesn’t help that as the day progresses, more problems seems to pop up for the event, where the English stream was offline throughout the first series of the day. LD took to twitter to point out some of the issues they had to deal with in the venue.

Later on, due to delays, the lower bracket matches was played with no live audiences attending due to the fact that the arena doesn’t allow crowds after 21:30. As three Chinese teams were playing, audiences were asked to leave the venue despite having the match in progress.

Dota 2 Major Exit

Of course, as delays continued, the caster had to work for more than 16 hours in order to finish up the first day matches.

Virtus.Pro manager Georgy Faleev summed up the first day in this tweet:

Day two wasn’t any better as EternaLEnVy faced serious health issues playing in the booths due to the air being unbreathable.

Certain conditions from the first day were subsequently improved but the Shanghai Major had left a permanent bad taste to players and broadcasters alike. Hopefully, Valve and the production can improve the event going forward.


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