[DOTA 2] Marci Marches In


Today Marci powers her way from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood into the battle of the Ancients as the newest hero to join the fight, proving that undying loyalty yields unrivaled power. Marci marches into battle ready to raise fists in defense of her companions.
Head over to the Marci update page to learn about her abilities and more.



Gameplay Update 7.30e

Also included in today’s update is gameplay update 7.30e.

Check out all the details on the update page.



Treasure of the Wordless Trek

The Treasure of the Wordless Trek is now for sale for $2.49. This all-new treasure features sets for Zeus, Sven, Puck, Lina, Brewmaster, Clockwerk, Lich, Pangolier, Templar Assassin, and Ancient Apparation, as well as a chance at a Very Rare Spectre set, and Extremely Rare Razor set.



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