Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition


The Dragon Age: Inquisition is a role playing video game created by BioWare and was published by Electronic Arts. This game is basically a sequel to the Dragon Age: Origins as well as to the Dragon Age II. Thus, the Inquisition is the third major game for the Dragon Age series.

Currently, the game is available for the PC, PS3 and PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. BioWare has confirmed that there will be multiple playable races that will be returning on the Inquisition and this is both male and female players.

You could play as a human, an elf and dwarf, similar to the Dragon Age: Origins. In addition, the Qunari character will also be available for the first time ever.

In Inquisition, Mages and Templars will be having a full blown war against one another. Mages are those people that were born with magical talent and have some demonic possessions while Templars is the order of Knights whose main responsibility is in controlling the Mages.

A conclave will be convened in order to try to establish amity between the two. However, this has been cut short by a massive explosion which leads to a green colored demon spawning rift taking place in the sky.

You will soon emerge as among the few survivors, possessing a mysterious power that will allow you to seal the rift.

This will be an explosive premise that will free you up, allowing you to focus more on the far more interesting personal lives of those characters that make up the Dragon Age: Inquisition.

dragon age inquisition

Game Description

BioWare has infused elements from both the Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II on this game. The game will feature much larger environments giving players so much more opportunities to explore.

The Inquisition is a dense and massive game as compared to the previous sequel’s cramped streets that were stretched out on two empires.

From the deserts of Orlais to the marshes of the Ferelden, the Inquisition is loaded with so many regions that are waiting to be explored and each region has its own style and expansive landscapes.

On the way, the game will trip over itself ensuring that you will always have something to do, which is what your typical RPG game is like. You will have to collect certain amount of these things or perhaps kill a certain amount of them, but it is the connection that you build with your teammates that will make these tasks seem important.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition has given utmost respect to its characters. The way Iron Bull described the sex with the Qunari character is as frank as his admiration of the transgender mercenary.

Your choices when it comes to speaking your cohorts, adventuring and meeting the disapproval and approval, and even the character in question will not be there to witness such event.

Romance could ensue, assuming that you have earned the favor of the character that you liked the most, although there will always be a chance of broken heart.

Unlike the previous dialogue and gift based system of BioWare, romance arcs will sure to occur in this game, in reaction to the events as well as variables that are specific to each character and will include mature as well as tasteful sex scenes.

However, not all of the romance arcs would require the need for sex. Just like the case with most of the games that BioWare created, a lot of the previous choices are truly inescapable.


There are certainly lots of things that you will love about the Dragon Age: Inquisition. And among these are the following:

– Excellent cast that comprises of interesting characters that players can easily relate to.
– The core story is as engaging as the characters.
– Features a real scene that you would expect from any role playing game.
– The co-op multiplayer feature has so much depth.


Just like with other popular role playing games out there, the Dragon Age: Inquisition also comes with its own flaws. Among these are:

– The combat would require a relatively small strategy.
– Created a not so interesting open world, which was created just for the sake of being an open world.
– The plot is a bit weak.
– Comprises of lots of dangling threads right at the edges of the game’s ambitions.

dragon age inquisition


There are only a few studios that were committed to represent the entire fan base as accurately as possible and one of these is BioWare. The Dragon Age: Inquisition certainly stands as a triumph when it comes to this aspect.

This is the kind of game where majority of the player advisors are women and where the sexuality of some characters is essential to their identity as well as to the game’s story.
This is also the kind of game where the gender of other characters is totally ambiguous.

Understanding when to comment on these decisions will leave soap boxes out of the equation and will replace them with some compelling characters from various walks of life.

The Dragon Age: Inquisition has a critical path story line that could take up to fifty hours to be completed. By doing this, BioWare has definitely gone way beyond the demands as well as the expectations that were placed upon them by the Dragon Age fanatics.

The level of polish as well as the nuance might amount to half of the overall experience which is enough to drive the game home. It is safe to say that the Dragon Age: Inquisition players will not have to explore each and every corner of the game in order to make their gaming experience worthwhile.

It cannot be denied that a lot of Dragon Age fans were disappointed with the Dragon Age 2, the sequel to the Dragon Age: Origins. From the scope, combat and character customization of the game, fans were disappointed that the game did not live up to their expectations.

But on this new sequel, the Dragon Age: Inquisition, BioWare did a great job in balancing the size and the substance of the game.


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