Dragon Blaze

A year has passed since a destructive force fell from the sky. Thought to have been defeated a century ago, Deathcrown, the unrivaled dragon king of the living and the dead, has returned from the ashes. Since his revival, the dragons and a vast number of human tribes have been fighting an eternal war.


As a descendant of the long-extinct Boden tribe, you must now use your power to reclaim the lands! Speak to and capture dragons as you journey through Dragon’s Landing, unveil the secrets behind the pandemonium, and bring the relentless war to an end.

In Dragon Blaze, players choose one of five hero types: warrior, archer, mage, priest or rogue. As they advance, they’ll recruit and train additional team members, each with their own class and abilities. The game offers four gameplay modes, including a level-based adventure or story mode, featuring real-time battles against bosses, mini-bosses and other lesser enemies.


In each mission, characters advance and attack or heal automatically, leaving gamers to manually heal their main hero, or activate his or her special abilities. If that’s still too much interaction, players can turn on full auto mode, which sees the main hero activating skills automatically as they recharge.

As players complete missions and recruit new allies, they can fuse excess allies into those they’d like to keep, making them stronger. Additionally, gamers can combine maxed out units to form even stronger characters. In addition to earning heroes while playing, gamers can purchase better heroes instantly with premium currency.

Outside of the game’s story mode, players can complete boss raids in real time with up to three other players for a chance to receive rare weapons and other items as rewards. Gamers can compete against others in the player-vs-player arena, and finally, users can explore the labyrinth, facing off against endless waves of enemies to earn extra gold. A guild system is also available.

Dragon Blaze is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game was originally released on Korea’s KakaoTalk messaging platform in February 2014. Since launch on iOS and Android in Korea, the game has been downloaded more than five million times.

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