Dragon Nest (SEA): New Event and Sale!

Dragon Nest (SEA): New Event and Sale!

Dragon Nest (SEA) added more content such as Event, Update and Sale!



Best Hero Tournament

Source: Dragon Nest

Acquired for clearing Daily Task Mission Bulletin Board missions to receive the ticket and enter Best Hero Tournament. Only Level 95 above can enter with a max capacity of 4 players . Clear the stage to receive the Treasure Chest.



Dragon Jade Expansion – Lunar Eclipse Dragon Jade

Source: Dragon Nest

The new Dragon Jade has been released. The ‘enhance various skills’ add-on stat will now appear for Lunar Eclipse Dragon Jade. It will allow you to enhance personal skills in various ways!


Lunar Eclipse Stigmata

Source: Dragon Nest

You will be able to purchase Lunar Eclipse Seal Ring with Lunar Eclipse Stigmate. Lunar Eclipse Stigmata items are dropped on all Labyrinth floors.

Additionally, there are Academic Skill and Character Balance in the update.



Source: Dragon Nest

There will be three types of packages in total. The price will all be the same. Since the icon is the same you will need to pay attention of what each of the packages contains.

Furthermore, there are Grubby Key Special Promotion Special Oath Promotion and Lagendia Torch Promotion.

Available from After August 2022 Update Patch to Before November 2022 Update Patch.




Cherry Credits 100,000CC (Global)

Cherry Credits 50,000CC

Cherry Credits 30,000CC

Cherry Credits 10,000CC

Cherry Credits 5,000CC









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