Dragon Project: Black Friday Celebration

We’ve got some good news, Hunters!

In celebration of Black Friday, Dragon Project is giving away awesome log in rewards for everyone!

Here are the rewards for 7 consecutive days:

Day 1: Myster Points *50
Day 2: Summon Tickets *25
Day 3: Myster Points *50
Day 4: Summon Tickets *25
Day 5: The Energy Potion *1
Day 6: Vorel SS Tablet *1
Day 7: Morell SS Tablet *1

Black Friday Login Bonus ends 28 Nov 18:59 PST!


Don’t miss these bonus rewards! Join Dragon Project now !!!


Dragon Project



How to Recharge via MGCClick HERE.

Where to Buy Multi Game CardClick HERE.


For more information, please visit:
Dragon Project Official Site.
Dragon Project Facebook Page.

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