Dragon Raja Contents for new game version

1. New Class – Floramancer
Roses whisper and things grow. The elf, who has awakened, is chasing souls, with flowers for allies and thorns for enemies.
Floramancer sings the praises of life and dance with cruelty. Seeds are the armor bestowed by nature and vines fight against contempt. Do not take any chances. Where there is life there is the trace of Floramancer.
Players who have reached Lv.90 and completed Savior, the Lv.89 quest, can change their class to Floramancer!

2. New event – Plan R
The Equipment Department has designed a programme for students who have reached Lv.95 to be more powerful. Tap Plan R in Bonus to claim rare items, that are worth 8,888 Diamonds, including title, Mandate Crystal, Evolution Stone, and Gem! Don’t miss them!

3. New Golden Anecdote – Eve of The Sunny Day
Boys and girls are gathered in the railway station of Ehime Prefecture by the sea in low moods. Will they be saved? Complete the anecdote to get 10 Anecdote Points and an exclusive title.

4. New Bronze Anecdote – Book of Hypnosis
Something new seems to take place. Explore the truth in the book of hypnosis and stay true to yourself to earn 1 Anecdote Point!

5. Changes to the War of Reckoning
The War of Reckoning is now available on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month with tripled rewards. Come and join!

6. Fix some bugs and improve localization

Contents for new event:

1. New event – Festival Login
From April 28 to May 18, log in every day and reach a certain level of Activity to claim Lv.9 Gem, random Orange Dragonblood Skill, Gene Sequence, and Fragrance Coupon.
Collect a certain number of Fragrance Coupons to redeem avatar, title, ghost car, and other valuable gifts!

2. New event – Help Request
From April 28 to May 18, help clean up the college to earn EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox, and Fragrance Coupon.

3. New event – Power Challenges
From April 28 to May 18, join in the event and push your limits to earn EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox, and Fragrance Coupon.

4. New event – Carrot Squat
From April 28 to May 18, join in the event to test your ability to respond and earn EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox, Fragrance Coupon, and time-limited title.

5. New event – Relics
Explore the Relics to obtain mysterious treasure and share abundant diamonds!
From April 28 to May 11, players can join in the Relics event to obtain Motor-Colorful Dream, Outfit/Hair/Headwear – Silver Light, frame, chat bubble, chat BG, and other exclusive rewards! Players exploring the whole level can select rewards, including outfits and motors! Abundant diamonds will be shared daily among players at the same level. More rewards for higher levels. There are also Bounty Hunters, altars, and forbidden zones that help you during the journey! More explorations will grant you Dancing Snow Medal and Dancing Snow coupon which can be used to redeem avatar frame, back, avatar, tattoo, and moments outfits!

6. Time-limited sale of Treasure of Time
From April 28 to May 25, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall – On Sale, from which you’re guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair- Serene Milky Way, Outfit/Hair – Wild Rose, avatar, avatar frame, Lv.12 Gem and other valuable items. Also, Time Fragment can be used to redeem some exclusive outfits. By the way, you can buy Treasure of Time at most 99 times per day. One player has a chance to buy it 300 times additionally once.

7. Flower Moon Ally II available in the normal card pool
After the maintenance, Flower Moon-Finger and Flower Moon-EVA can be obtained by Normal Recruit.

8. Total Top-up Event exclusive bonus.
From April 28 to May 5, players can top up to get value rebates! Note: The Coupons will be accumulated and will not be reset daily during the event!
Players can also get Lucky Tiger Coupons, which can be used to redeem limited outfit, weapon, hair, avatar frame, and Moments outfits!


Dragon Raja
18,112 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
15,092 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
9,056 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
7,546 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
5,161 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)


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《怪物猎人崛起:曙光》第四弹免费更新内容公开,追加来自《怪物猎人世界:冰原》的古龙「冰呪龙」和「天彗龙(怪异克服)」,并扩充了怪异克服调查任务,LVS上限调至220级。另外还有更多付费下载内容加入。本次更新将于 2 月 7 日推出。 第五弹免费更新将于4月公布,尽请期待吧! 《怪物猎人:崛起》也已经在PlayStation和XBox平台登陆。         社交媒体: YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest