Dragon Raja Main Content Update 2/6/2022

Main contents in this update:

1. New event – Festival Login.

From June 2 to June 8, log in every day and reach a set level of Activity to claim Light Particle II, Broken Crystal, and Forest Coupon.
Collect a certain number of Forest Coupons to redeem avatar, chat bubble, title, Lv.10 Gem, ghost car, and other gifts!

2. New event – Fight Medal XV.

From June 2 to July 27, reach the specified Activity every day to increase the level of your Fight Medal and get various rewards! Upgrading to Dragonslayer can get Urban Chic – Clothes, chat bubble, avatar, limited title and other items!

3. New event – Gacha Machine.

New Motor Plan: Dream Cruise, From June 2 to June 29, join in the event and claim multiple rare items!

4. Elf Boxes Available.

From June 2 to July 13, Elf Boxes can be purchased in Mall to get outfits, hair, avatar, avatar frame, chat bubble and other time-limited rewards. Also, you can get EVO Gem Cases, Dragonblood Packs, Ally Packs, Gacha Packs, and other great value gifts. Do not miss them!

5. New Bronze Anecdote – Treasure Expert.

Finger seems to discover some clues about treasure. Help him find the treasure to earn 1 Anecdote Point!

6. New Function.

If you tap Ignore Heir when switching the target in Setting, you will not target the enemy heir when you switch your target.

7. More Dreamy Paint Cans are available now.

8. Powerful Energy, a new item, is available now, which can be used to restore more Reserve HP.



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