Dragon Raja main contents update

1. Easter Login rewards.

From April 13 to April 26, log in every day to claim Easter rewards, including Diamonds, Secret Command, and Evolution Stone!

2. New event – Festival Presents.

On April 17, go to Cassell College and find Tata to accept a quest and earn the Festival Gift Box.
Open Gift Box to obtain Paint Card, Rainbow Potion, EX Catalyst β, Evolution Stone, and 88,888 Gold!

3. New event – Parade Carnival.

From April 13 to April 26, follow messengers and take part in the Parade Carnival.
You can get rewards up to two times every day, including EXP, Gold, and Flower Gift Box.

4. New event – Egg Chaser.

From April 13 to April 26, you can find a total of 20 Easter Eggs according the Egg Chaser Instruction and earn EXP, Gold, and Flower Gift Box.
Open the Flower Gift Box to obtain Guardian Star III, Guardian Star I, and Special Nutrients.
You can also redeem Title-Egg Chaser, exclusive furniture, Mandate Crystal, and other gifts in Easter Egg Shop.

5. New event – Lords Collection.

From April 13 to April 26, join in Lords of Collection to get Motor Plan-Breezy Summer, Outfit/Hair/Headwear-Sweet Magician, Outfit/Hair/Headwear-Flowing Star, Figurine-Erii-Captain, and other gifts. Use Lords Collection box to draw and you will have a chance to enter a Special Exhibition and get rare rewards. Once you get reward from the Special Exhibition, the reward will be removed. Rewards will be reset once you get all of them. You can also get bonus rewards based on drawing times, including Wish Coupons, which can be used to redeem avatar frame, and Moments outfits!

6. Spring Ally II available in the normal card pool.

After the maintenance, Spring-Johann Chu, Spring-Caesar, and Spring-Mai can be obtained by Normal Recruit.

7. Total Top-up Events exclusive bonus.

From April 13 to April 20, players can top up to get value rebates! Note: The Coupons will be accumulated and will not be reset daily during the event!
Players can also get Snow Coupons, which can be used to redeem limited outfit weapon, hair, avatar, avatar frame and Moments outfits!



Dragon Raja
18,112 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
15,092 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
9,056 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
7,546 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)
Dragon Raja
5,161 Coupons
(Mobile) (SEA)



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