Dragon Raja SEA 1/9/2022 Main contents update

Dragon Raja SEA 1/9/2022 Main contents update

1.Time-limited event – King’s Treasury.

Venture deep into the lair for mysterious treasure!

From now until 23:59 on September 14, Dragon Coin can be purchased in Mall – Treasures to search in King’s Treasury with a chance to get rare items, including Drac – Soul Reaping, Outfit – Electro Night and other treasures and value items.

When the total search times reach a certain amount, you can get Dragon Pact and other rare items. A certain amount of Dragon Pacts can be used to redeem more valuable items.

From September 1 until 24:00 on September 14, the King’s Treasury Pack will be available in Mall – On Sale. Purchase it to instantly get rare items such as Diamond, Broken Crystal and Dragon Coin.

2.New event – Dream Pairs

From September 1 (after maintenance) to September 7, topping up in a team will generate Contributions.

Top up 10 Coupons to make 1 Contribution to your team. Team members can wish once with every 100 Contributions, during which you are guaranteed to get one Fantasy Voucher. Team members need to top up to wish.

Players who are not in a team will not get Contributions when they top up coupons. Team Leader cannot leave the team after creating it. Team members who have yet to top up coupons can leave the team. But when they have already topped up, they cannot leave. Only one character under the same account can join in the event.

For more details, please see the “Bonus-Dream Pairs”.

3.New event – Blue Treasury.

Look for underwater treasures, win the Blue Medal and exchange for rare awards such as Outfit, Hair and Headwear!

From now until 23:59 on September 14, you can participate in the Blue Treasury event to win medals, which can be used to exchange for value rewards such as Outfit, Hair, Headwear and Tattoo!

The Blue Medal can be kept until the next event to exchange for other outfits!

4.Daily value benefits – Mysterious Firm.

From September 1, the special packs will be available in Mysterious Firm.

The rewards include Cocoon items, Evolution Stone X, Gold Pet Chip and Reborn Element, etc. Log in daily and reach 20, 40, 60, 90, 120 activities to gain a bargain chance. Use the chance to get random discount on all items in the Mysterious Firm!

The items and discount will be reset at 00:00 every day. Come and grab the chance!

5.Radiant Ally I available in the normal card pool.

After the maintenance, Radiant – Johann Chu and Radiant – Erii can be obtained by Normal Recruit.



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