Dragon Raja SEA 23/6/2022 Event Update

Main contents in this update:

1. Daily Login Rewards.

From June 23 to July 6, log in the game every day and reach required activity points to claim rewards, including Lv.10 Spirit Gem, Iron I, Zircon, Mandate Crystal, Evolution Stone and Listening to Summer Coupon, etc.

The Listening to Summer Coupon can be used to redeem rich rewards in Summer Shop, including Avatar – Countless Pine Nuts, Chat Bubble – Vitamin C, Avatar Frame – Soft Mood, Title – Spring Breeze and other items.


2. Summer Login Rewards.

From June 25 to July 4, log in for 6 days to redeem Earrings – A Taste of Love.


3. New Event – Summer Messenger

Summer messenger have appeared around the world! From June 23 to July 6, find them and earn rewards, including EXP, Golds, Flower Gift Box and Listening to Summer Coupon!


4. New Event – Cute Justice

From June 23 to July 6, go find Susie in Chizuru Moon and participate in the watering event! Be the cutest and the smartest! There is a chance to win EXP, Golds, Flower Gift Box and Listening to Summer Coupon.


5. New Event – Be a Gardener.

From June 23 to July 6, help revitalize the Dead Sapling of Cassell College, and get great rewards such as EXP, Golds, Flower Gift Box and Listening to Summer Coupon.


6. New Event – Super Player.

Defeat monsters to win mysterious treasure! From June 23 to July 6, players can participate in Super Players to obtain Motor-Phantom Blade, Wings of Velvet – Clothes/Hair, and Coronation Wings – Clothes/Hair. Players who defeat monsters can also get chat bubble, chat background, and other super-value rewards! There are also hidden levels for you to explore with the chance to get exquisite Motors! During the event, several Super Packs will also be available!


7. Time-limited sale of Treasure of Time!

From June 23 to July 13, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall – On Sale, from which you’re guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair – Rainbow Wave, Outfit/Hair – Waves’ Heart, Avatar, Avatar Frame, Tattoo, Lv.12 Gem and other valuable items. Also, Time Fragment can be used to redeem some exclusive outfits. BTW, you can buy Treasure of Time at most 99 times per day. One player has a chance to buy it over 300 times additionally once. During the event, several Time Boxes will also be available!


8. Exclusive Top-up benefits!

From June 23 (after maintenance) to June 30, players can consume coupons to get value rebates!
(Only count coupons consumed during the event. Only count Mall Spend and Coupon Refill.)
Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event!

You can also obtain Sakura Coupons, which can be used to redeem value rewards including Outfit Weapon – Fantasy Land, Outfit – Now and Forever, Avatar, Avatar Frame, and Moments, etc!



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