Dragon Raja SEA contents update 3/11/2022

Main contents in this update:


1. New event – Rhine Auction.

Event available time (Server Time):

  • 9:00 – 23:00 on November 3;
  • 900 – 23:00 on November 5;
  • 9:00 – 23:00 on November 7;


Attend the auction to get valuable items. Those who bid higher have a chance to get the rare reward: Meow’s Joy. Each bid will grant you a Rhine Point, which can be used to redeem Drac. – Ancient Bloodthirst!


2. Time-limited sale – Treasure of Time!

From November 3 to November 30, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall – On Sale, from which you’re guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair – Floral Promise, Outfit/Hair – Chocolate Sweetheart, avatar, avatar frame, tattoo, Lv. 12 Gem and other valuable items.

BTW, you can buy Treasure of Time at most 99 times per day. One player has a chance to buy it 300 times additionally once.


3. New event – Luminous Treat.

From November 3 to November 9, the C~S-level sale shelves are prepared with value products with a maximum rebate of 1200%+ and unique appearances.

Use 1 coupon in Luminous Treat to increase 1 point of Senpai’s Favor. With the increase of Senpai’s Favor, you can unlock the advanced shelf. Every time a new shelf is unlocked, you can go to the Luminous Shop to collect rewards, including diamonds and reimbursement amount.

The lottery results of Luminous Shop is released at 21:00. Purchase goods to unlock more value items, including Avatar, Face, Avatar Frame and Headwear! The best reward is 100% reimbursement amount!


4. New consumption benefits!

From November 3 (after maintenance) to November 9, players can consume coupons to get value rebates! (Only count coupons consumed during the event. Only count Mall Spend and Coupon Refill.)

Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event!


5. The Climbing Project V.

The Climbing Project V will be available at a limited time from November 3 to November 6.

During the event, you can get rich rewards such as Climbing Medals, which can be used to redeem R. Passive Draconic Coupon, chat outfits and other rewards by completing various tasks. Come and challenge yourself!


6. Aqua Ally II available in the normal card pool.

After the maintenance, Aqua – Caesar, Aqua – Nuonuo and Aqua – Johann Chu can be obtained by Normal Recruit.



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