Dragon Raja SEA Main contents update 22/9/2022

Dragon Raja SEA Main contents update 22/9/2022


Main contents in this update:

1.New cross-server 3v3 Qualifier – Battle of the Dome, available on September 24.

The top 10 members of the team in the Server Score Contest can form a team of three to join in Cross-server Score Contest at 20:00~20:30 on September 24, 20:00~20:30 on September 25, 20:00~20:30 on October 1, and 20:00~20:30 on October 2. After the Cross-server Score Contest, the top 72 teams can successfully advance to the next stage!

Come and win super rewards such as new limited Dynamic Avatar, new Gold Passive Drac., limited Special Effect Title, and Medal of Glory.


2.New event – Gacha Machine.

New Motor Plan: A Piece of Sweet Dream. From September 22 to October 19, join in the event and claim multiple rare items, including Primary Elements and Dragon Exuvium Gel!


3.New event – Luminous Treat.

From September 22 to September 28, the C~S-level sale shelves are prepared with value products with a maximum rebate of 1200%+ and unique appearances.

Use 1 coupon in Luminous Treat to increase 1 point of Senpai’s Favor. With the increase of Senpai’s Favor, you can unlock the advanced shelf. Every time a new shelf is unlocked, you can go to the Luminous Shop to collect rewards, including diamonds and reimbursement amount.

The lottery results of Luminous Shop is released at 21:00. Purchase goods to unlock more value items, including Avatar, Face, Avatar Frame and Headwear! The best reward is 100% reimbursement amount!


4.New event – Fight Medal XVII.

After maintenance on September 22 to November 16, reach the designated activity every day can increase the level of the Fight Medal and obtain multiple rewards!

After upgrading to the Dragonslayer Medal, you can get: Avatar – Flower Farmer Rabbit, Chat Bubble and other fashionable appearances. You can also exchange limited titles and a variety of items!


5.Time-limited Early Autumn Benefits!

From September 22 to September 28, a variety of summer benefits will be available in the store. Even 1 diamond can grant you value item. Come and join us!


6.More levels available in Deity’s Test.

Lv. 51 – Lv. 90 of Deity’s Test is available now! More challenges and richer rewards! Come on guys, go and challenge higher levels!


7.Radiant Ally II available in the normal card pool.

After the maintenance, Radiant – Zero, Radiant – Shavee and Radiant – Nuonuo can be obtained by Normal Recruit.



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