Dragon Raja SEA Maintenance Notice 6/10/2022

Main contents in this update:

Here comes Battle of the Dome Qualifier.

From 20:00 on October 6, the warm-up contest will be started so that the contestants can get familiar with the process of Qualifier (The warm-up contest is not included in the contest schedule. Before entering the match, remember that the captain of the team should check and submit the lineup. The fighting mode of the Battle of the Dome Qualifier has changed. After entering the contest venue and completing the individual contest, the team members of both sides will directly join in a team fight. Team members midway can not be changed and withdrawn from the battle venue. It is strongly recommended that each team be familiar with the contest system during the warm-up contest to avoid unnecessary losses.
20:00 on October 8: 32 out of 64
20:00 on October 9: 16 out of 32.

In order to ensure normal entry, please ensure that the character is not in the dungeon, home or club at the beginning of event.

Successful promotion to different stages can obtain different rewards at the end of the competition. The higher the ranking, the richer the rewards! New limited Dynamic Avatar, Golden Passive Draconic, limited title, Dream Voucher, Evolution Stone X, Stable Prism, Flames of the Underworld and other rewards (specific rewards can be viewed in the event – reward preview of the Battle of the Dome).

New feature – Cheer for your teams!

Cheer for your favorite team in the Battle of the Dome, and you can receive the support reward containing Motor Evolution Materials, Star Array Upgrade Materials and other rewards after the next stage of the Schedule is arranged! If the team you support wins, you can also get additional diamonds (see the Event – Time limited – Battle of the Dome – Schedule for details)!


New event – Rhine Auction.

Event available time (Server Time):

  • 9:00 – 23:00 on October 6;
  • 900 – 23:00 on October 8;
  • 9:00 – 23:00 on October 10;


Attend the auction to get valuable items. Those who bid higher have a chance to get the rare reward: Outfit – Fiery Storm. Each bid will grant you a Rhine Point, which can be used to redeem Drac. – Ancient Fortitude!


Elf Boxes Available.

From October 6 to November 16, Elf Boxes can be purchased in Mall to get outfits, hair, avatar, avatar frame, chat bubble and other time-limited rewards. Also, you can get EVO Gem Cases, Edict Selected Sets, Dragonblood Packs, Ally Packs, Gacha Packs, and other great value gifts. Do not miss them!


Time-limited sale – Treasure of Time!

From October 6 to November 12, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall – On Sale, from which you’re guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair – Fluorescent Dream, Outfit/Hair – Vanessa’s Dream, avatar, avatar frame, tattoo, Lv. 12 Gem and other valuable items. BTW, you can buy Treasure of Time at most 99 times per day. One player has a chance to buy it 300 times additionally once.


New consumption benefits!

From October 6 (after maintenance) to October 12, players can consume coupons to get value rebates! (Only count coupons consumed during the event. Only count Mall Spend and Coupon Refill.) Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event!


The Climbing Project IV

The Climbing Project IV will be available at a limited time from October 6 to October 9. During the event, you can get rich rewards such as Climbing Medals, which can be used to redeem R. Passive Draconic Coupon, chat outfits and other rewards by completing various tasks. Come and challenge yourself!


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