Dragon Raja SEA New and Limited-Time Event

Dragon Raja SEA New and Limited-Time Event


Main events in this update:

1.Daily Login Rewards.

Here comes the Halloween! From October 27 to November 9, log in the game every day and reach required activity points to claim rewards, including Lv.10 Spirit Gem, Iron I, Zircon, Mandate Crystal, Evolution Stone and Late Autumn Coupon, etc.

Late Autumn Coupons can be used to redeem great rewards, including Avatar, Bubble, Avatar Frame, Title, Lv.10 Gem Coupon, Lv.10 Spirit Gem, Iron I and Zircon!


2.New event – Magic Wardrobe.

Wear a suitable dress to attend the Halloween banquet! The latest magic wardrobe launched by the Alchemy Department at your service!

From October 27 to November 9, participate in the event to gain EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox and Late Autumn Coupon.


3.New event – Praise Bonfire.

The wicked witch has invaded the campus. Light a bonfire to dispel fear…

From October 27 to November 9, participate in the event to gain EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox and Late Autumn Coupon.


4.New event – Witch’s Cauldron.

Halloween! Carnival! Witch! Pumpkin! The raucuous night must include the cackles of a witch hunched over a boiling cauldron!

An adorable hag is waiting for you under a tree. Find her with a friend and concoct your own potions! But be careful, the witch’s brew can blow up at any time!

And limit only one prize per day! From October 27 to November 9, participate in the event to gain EXP, Gold, Waltz Giftbox and Late Autumn Coupon.


5.Time-limited event – King’s Treasury.

Venture deep into the lair for mysterious treasure!

From October 27 to November 9, Dragon Coin can be purchased in Mall – Treasures to search in King’s Treasury with a chance to get rare items, including Drac. – Bath of Dew, Outfit – Fantasy Aria and other treasures and value items.

When the total search times reach a certain amount, you can get Dragon Pact and other rare items. A certain amount of Dragon Pacts can be used to redeem more valuable items.

From October 27 until 24:00 on November 9, Dragon Packs will also be available in Mall – On Sale. Purchase it to instantly get rich items such as Diamond, Broken Crystal and Dragon Coin.


6.New event – Dream Pairs.

From October 27 (after maintenance) to November 2, Topping up in a team will generate Contributions. Top up 10 Coupons to make 1 Contribution to your team.

Team members can wish once with every 100 Contributions, during which you are guaranteed to get one Fantasy Voucher. Team members need to top up to wish. Players who are not in a team will not get Contributions when they top up coupons.

Team Leader cannot leave the team after creating it. Team members who have yet to top up coupons can leave the team. But when they have already topped up, they cannot leave.

Only one character under the same account can join in the event. For more details, please see the “Bonus-Dream Pairs”.


7.New event – Blue Treasury.

Look for underwater treasures, win the Blue Medal and exchange for rare awards such as Outfit, Hair and Headwear!

From October 27 until 23:59 on November 9, you can participate in the Blue Treasury event to win medals, which can be used to exchange for value rewards such as Outfit, Hair, Headwear and Tattoo!

The Blue Medal can be kept until the next event to exchange for other outfits!


8.New Investment benefits.

Players who have already invested can continue your purchase to get coupons of the same value, as well as 10 times Diamond rebates, Legendary Weapon and other rewards! Don’t miss it out!


9.Timed Leveling Pack.

Timed sale! After purchasing the pack, you can immediately get Diamonds, Lv.10 Gem, Gamer Set, Draconic Gear and other valuable items!



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