Dragon Raja SEA New Contents 17/11/2022

Main contents in this update:


1.New event – Lucky Tarot.

From November 17 to December 28, players can flip over up to 10 mysterious Tarot cards and randomly get exclusive rewards, including Outfit – Awakening Moment, avatar, and frame. Gacha Pack, EVO Gem Case, Dragonblood Pack, and more valuable gifts are also available! Flipping over all of the Tarot cards can get the exclusive title, headwear, and other super rewards!


2.New event – Gacha Machine.

New Motor Plan: Rift Devil. From November 17 to December 14, join in the event and claim multiple rare items, including Primary Elements and Dragon Exuvium Gel!


3.New event – Timed Bonus.

From November 17 (after maintenance) to November 30, join in the big sale in Mall – Timed Bonus! Purchase the value packs to obtain Diamonds, Broken Crystals and other items. Log in daily to claim more rewards!



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