Dragon Raja SEA New events update

Dragon Raja SEA New events update

Main contents in this update:

1. New Class – Visioneer

Visioneers are an existence that transcend dimensions and search for reality through illusions. They travel freely between dimensions, control the most sophisticated logic of the world and see the flaws beneath all appearances. They can see right through your enemy–there are no secrets at all.

Reach lv.90 and complete the lv.89 main quest Savior to unlock Visioneer.


2. Cross-server asymmetric competition – Operation Backfire

As a renowned Rank S talent, you received an invitation to explore the Dragon Clan Ruins in the north. However, your plane crashed unexpectedly and you woke up in the company of unknown travelers. Can you find help and escape the white land of death before the storm arrives?

Available at 14:00-18:00 on every Saturday and Sunday. Please stay tuned!


Main Events in this update:

1. Daily Login Rewards.

From September 29 to October 12, log in the game every day and reach required activity points to claim rewards, including Lv.10 Spirit Gem, Iron I, Zircon, Mandate Crystal, Evolution Stone and Golden Autumn Coupon, etc.

Golden Autumn Coupons can be used to redeem great rewards, including Avatar, Bubble, Avatar Frame, Title, Lv.10 Gem Coupon, Lv.10 Spirit Gem, Iron I and Zircon!


2. New event – Autumn Shopping

From September 29 to October 12, go find Koshi and help him purchase the necessary materials for Festivals! You can get EXP, Gold and Firefly Gift Box, etc.


3. New event – Finger-guessing Contest.

From September 29 to October 12, go find Nuonuo in Cassell College and compete finger-guessing with her. You can get EXP, Gold and Firefly Gift Box, etc.


4. New event – Barrel Dodging

From September 29 to October 12, go find Master Uesugi in Hydras and try to pass his challenge! You can get EXP, Gold and Firefly Gift Box, etc.


5. Aqua Ally I

A secret buried in the deep sea.

Aqua Ally-Zero, Aqua Ally-Erii, and Aqua Ally-Luminous will be available for a limited time from September 29 to October 12! The first ten consecutive Recruits grant you a 5-star or above ally! After the event, the Aqua allies can be obtained by Normal Recruit with a normal probability.


6. Time-limited event – King’s Treasury

Venture deep into the lair for mysterious treasure!

From September 29 to October 12, Dragon Coin can be purchased in Mall – Treasures to search in King’s Treasury with a chance to get rare items, including Drac. – Second Wind, Outfit – Lion Dance and other treasures and value items.

When the total search times reach a certain amount, you can get Dragon Pact and other rare items. A certain amount of Dragon Pacts can be used to redeem more valuable items.

From September 29 until 24:00 on October 5, Dragon Packs will also be available in Mall – On Sale. Purchase it to instantly get rich items such as Diamond, Broken Crystal and Dragon Coin.


7. New event – Snowy Dart

From September 29 to October 12, purchase and throw a dart to randomly get one of the super-value rewards on the dart board. After hitting all of the medals on a dart board, you can switch to the next dart board. Better rewards for the following boards.

Each time you throw a dart, you have a chance to win all of the medals, which can be used to redeem all of the rare outfits in this event. Medals on the dart board can be used to redeem rare outfits and vouchers can be used to redeem avatar, avatar frame, and Moments outfits!


8. New event – Early Autumn Top-up

From September 29 (after maintenance) to October 5, players can top up coupons to get value rewards! (Only count coupons consumed during the event)

Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event! And you can only claim the rewards on the day you top up! For more details, please see the “Bonus-Early Autumn Top-up”.



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