Dragon Raja SEA Time-limited sale & New consumption benefits!


Time-limited sale – Treasure of Time!
From December 1 to December 28, players can buy new Treasure of Time in Mall – On Sale, from which you’re guaranteed to get one Time Fragment with a chance to get Outfit/Hair – Sweet Magician, Outfit/Hair – Hot Days, avatar, avatar frame, Lv. 12 Gem and other valuable items. BTW, you can buy Treasure of Time at most 99 times per day. One player has a chance to buy it 300 times additionally once.

New consumption benefits!
From Dec. 1 (after maintenance) to Dec. 7, players can consume coupons to get value rebates! (Only count coupons consumed during the event. Only count Mall Spend and Coupon Refill.) Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event!



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