Dragon Raja SEA 16/6/2022 Main contents update

Main contents in this update:

1. Time-limited event – Luminous Treat is coming!From Jun. 16 to Jun.22. you can buy goods with up to 1200% rebate in the Luminous Treat!
During the event, players who consume coupons in the sale will receive a random rebate amount, diamonds and other rewards every day at 9pm. The rebate amount can be used as coupons to purchase any goods in the sale. You can also get Senpai’s Favor when you buy the goods in the sale. Advanced shelves will be unlocked gradually. Each time you unlock a new shelf, you can get a reward in the Luminous Shop interface! Available sale items include Headwear – Inspiration, Face Tattoo – Deer by Stream, Avatar Frame – Sweet Bubble Gum and time limited Headwear, Avatar, and Face Tattoo!

2. A touch of music in the night – Nocturne Ally I
Nocturne – Johann Chu and Nocturne – Zero will be available for a limited time from Jun.16 to Jun.29! The first ten consecutive Recruits grant you a 5-star or above ally!

3. New Event – Rhine Auction
Event available time (Server Time):
9:00 – 23:00 on Jun. 16;
9:00 – 23:00 on Jun. 18;
9:00 – 23:00 on Jun. 20;

Attend the auction to get valuable items. Those who bid higher have a chance to get the rare reward: Outfit – Ghost Sugar. Each bid will grant you a Rhine Point, which can be used to redeem Drac. –  Royal Covenant and Motor – Starry Traveler!

4. Time-limited Golden Week Benefits!
From Jun.16 to Jun.22, a variety of golden week benefits will be available in the store. Even 1 diamond can grant you value item!.

5. New top-up benefits!
From Jun.16 (after maintenance) to Jun.22, players can consume coupons to get value rebates!
(Only count coupons consumed during the event. Only count Mall Spend and Coupon Refill.)
Note: The Coupons will be reset daily at 0:00 during the event!




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