Dragons Guide for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Dragons Guide for Tears of The Kingdom with OffGamers
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Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released in May 2023 and is the sequel to Breath of the Wild. BOTW 2 has a lot of pressure to be an amazing game since the original is considered one of the best video games ever made.

And it’s an award-winning title that remains at the top of our list of one of the leading games to play in your life.

Tears of the Kingdom sold more than 10 million copies in just the first three days of it being released. We have a full starter’s guide to Legend of Zelda to help you get started on the game, but there’s a lot more to discover.

In this guide, we’re going to guide you through each of the dragons in the game.

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The 4 Dragons of Tears of the Kingdom: What You Need to Know

Where to Find the Dragons


Tears of the Kingdom Dinraal
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The Great Fire Spirit Dinraal offers fire elemental weapon fusing and is known to patrol Death Mountain and a few additional areas. 

If you want to take on the fire dragon, you’ll want to go to one of two places:

  • Eldin Mountains
  • Deep Akkala

Make your way to the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and go east until you hit the East Akkala Plains Chasm. You’ll find him flying over the area and will take flight towards the Ancient Tech Lab and along the coastline.

Eventually, he’ll go towards Death Mountain and around the tower in Thyphio Ruins.

You can follow him underground if you like, but he’ll often escape and remain elusive.


Tears of the Kingdom Naydra
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Naydra’s one of the most stunning dragons in the game due to his icy features. After all, he’s the Great Ice Spirit Dragon and how you get ice elemental weapon fusing. You’ll find the dragon in:

  • East Necluda
  • Mount Lanayru

He’s the patrolling dragon of Mount Lanayru and will take a path around the southeastern part of the kingdom. You’ll be able to trace the dragon’s route from Kakariko all the way to Hateno before he ends up underground.


Tears of the Kingdom Farosh
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Farosh is the Great Lightning Spirit and how you can obtain electric elemental weapon fusing. He is known to be in the following locations:

  • Lake Hylia
  • Gerudo Canyon

You’ll find him flying out near Gerudo Canyon, where he will sweep around and make his way to the Great Plateau near Lake Hylia.

Head to the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower and go just south to find where the dragon first emerges.

Light Dragon

Tears of the Kingdom Light Dragon
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Light Dragon is a bit of a mystery and you’ll first come across the dragon when Link wakes up on the Great Sky Island. He is always on the surface and never goes underground like each of the three other dragons.

You’ll find the Light Dragon flying rather slowly through the exterior of Hyrule.

One thing to note is that the dragon maintains a much higher altitude compared to the other dragons.

You’ll want to seek out this dragon because he’s how you obtain the heal-on-hit weapon fusing.

How to Farm Dragon Materials

Tears of the Kingdom Farm Materials
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Tears of the Kingdom’s dragons are immortal, and you cannot kill them if you try. But you can farm their parts in non-lethal ways, which is a lot of fun. We recommend that you follow these steps to make farming easier and to obtain all of the dragon parts that you need:

Choose the Dragon

First, which dragon do you want to farm for their parts? If you want to infuse your weapon with one of the elements listed previously, it makes the choice for farming much easier. Over the course of the game, you’ll likely farm each dragon at some point.

Once you know the dragon that you want to farm, head to the locations mentioned above and find an area where you can land on the dragon from above.

Navigate to the Part You Need

Which part of the dragon do you need to farm? Let’s assume that you need the dragon’s horn. In this case, you’ll make your way to as close to the horn as possible before you begin to attack the horn.

Grab the part before it falls off.

You’ll notice that the part can be obtained when it begins to glow. If you’re going for a fang, you may need to use your paraglide ability to chase after it when it flies off.

We found that the claw and horn are the two most difficult parts to obtain because they’re difficult to pick up before they fall off of the dragon.

Returning for Additional Parts

Each part of the dragon has its own difficulty to obtain. If a part falls off and you cannot find it, you only need to wait 10 minutes. BOTW 2 has a 10-minute respawn for these parts, so you won’t have to wait around forever to get them.

You can always go farm one dragon and then go to the next instead of wasting time while the part respawns.

Long-range Attacks and Dragon Parts

Tears of the Kingdom Dragon Parts
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If you aren’t a fan of melee damage, you can use your bow to hit the parts you need and collect them. The one issue with firing your arrows for these parts is that the part will fall to the ground and need to be collected.

When you melee the dragon’s parts, there is a small period of time when you can collect the part before it shoots off and you need to chase after it.

But we’re sure that you have your own gameplay preferences and can choose to farm for parts in whichever way you want. If you do plan on shooting the parts, the following tips can help:

  • Horns are on the front of the dragon and are glowing, so they’re impossible for you to miss.
  • Dragon fang is near the mouth. Shoot the lower jaw and you’ll have a good chance of the fang glowing.
  • Claws are those little tips on the underside of the dragon’s body and are pretty easy to shoot with your arrows.
  • Scales more or less fall off all the time, so long as you’re attacking the dragon’s body.
  • Spikes are on the body and easy to pinpoint because they’re already glowing.

Note: Part locations are universal for melee and firing arrows. You can use this mini guide above to pinpoint the dragon parts that you need when playing Tears of the Kingdom.

How in the World Do You Reach the Dragons in BOTW 2?

Tears of the Kingdom Location
Photo Credits: Nintendo

If you’ve found the dragons and want to melee them, you may be wondering “how.” The easiest way is to find the sky towers in the area and use your paraglider to float your way down to the dragon.


You can reach the dragon of fire in a few ways, but the best is from Sokkala Sky Archipelago. A lot of players try from Ulri Mountain, and it’s just a much more challenging area for landing on Dinraal.


If you want to farm Farosh, the best spot that we found for jumping off and landing on his back is Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.


Naydra’s loop brings him close to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, where you have the best option of launching from the tower onto the dragon’s back.

Light Dragon

Sokkala Sky Archipelago is your best bet to land on the light dragon because the flight altitude is just so high in other zones that he roams.

Best Weapons to Use When Farming Each Dragon in BOTW 2

Tears of the Kingdom Weapons
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Each dragon’s elementals are problematic and require a different approach when farming them. You can use numerous weapon types, but you’ll find nuances of each. For example, if you go after Dinraal and use wooden weapons, you’ll find that his volcanic heat will burn your weapon.

So, what can you do against this dragon?

  • Choose metal weapons that will not turn to ash from Dinraal’s volcanic heat.
  • Wear the Flamebreaker set to negate the fire damage done to you.

However, that’s just for one dragon. Since you have quite a few dragons to face, consider these tips to make quick work of them:


Lightning is the element that this dragon controls, and you must be prepared for your metal weapons to attract it. Instead, you’ll want to use your wooden weapons for farming Farosh’s parts because they’re the ones that won’t attract lightning and cause you severe damage in the process.

You don’t have much in the way of lightning resistance, so you need to go into battle with Farosh carefully or risk being damaged in the process.


Naydra doesn’t cause any of your weapons to crumble like with the other dragons on the list, which is a good thing. However, controlling ice means that you will get very cold when fighting this dragon and will benefit from wearing the Snowquill Set.

Dragon Part Effects

Tears of the Kingdom Dragon Part Effects
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Farming dragons is a little difficult because they’re immortal and you cannot kill them in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Yet, in BOTW 2, you definitely want to harvest parts following the tips that we outlined in the previous section.


A few reasons:

Weapon Fusing

Weapon fusing makes you stronger and infuses your weapon with each respective dragon’s elemental properties. For example:

  • Weapon fuse with Dinraal and your weapon will have fire properties.
  • Increase your weapon’s attack power with weapon fusing.
  • Improve the weapon’s durability.

You’ll find that your weapon must recharge when you attack rapidly. 

The attack bonus fusing depends on the part of the dragon that you farmed. Use the chart below as a reference:

PartAttack Power
Spike Shard+16
Fang Shard+20

The light dragon’s states are less impressive, with the spike shard and scale boosting attack power by 12. The talon increases the attack power by 14, the fang by 16 and the horn by 20.

Food Recipes

Tears of the Kingdom Food Recipes
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Infused dragon parts are great for improving your weapons, but they’re also a great option for food buffs. You can:

  • Increase heart recovery.
  • Create buffs that last 30 minutes.

Heart recovery and duration are as follows:

PartHeart RecoveryDuration
Spike Shard+0+1m 50s
Scale+1 1/4+1.5m
Fang Shard+2 1/2+10.5m
Horn+3 3/4+30m

Dragon parts also increase the chances of a crit when cooking, adding additional bonuses to the food.

Upgrades for the Great Fairy Fountains

Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy Fountains
Photo Credits: Nintendo

Great Fairy Fountains can be upgraded, but you’ll need to have a lot of parts to reach this point. Dragon parts are on the list of items that you need to upgrade fairy fountains, so keep this in mind when collecting parts.

It’s worth the time and effort to become as proficient as possible when getting parts from dragons because they’re crucial to reaching the higher echelons of the game. An added elemental buff to your weapon and food buffs can really make playing the game much easier and help you take on harder foes. 

Before We Forget

Dragons Guide for Tears of The Kingdom with OffGamers
Photo Credits: Nintendo

We try to keep you updated on the latest bugs in the game and even have a combat guide that can help you stay on top of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Twitch and YouTube are two additional resources that make it easier to stay on top of recent updates and see playthroughs first-hand.

Streamers are streaming BOTW 2 all the time, so show them some support and maybe even learn a few tricks in the process.

If you follow the guide above, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the Master Sword, which will make defeating foes much easier. Each dragon has its own unique difficulty, such as trying to avoid being struck by lightning if you’re using your metal weapons or trying not to be burned, so you put on your fire resistance.

Over time, you’ll find that the food buffs and infused weapon perks are a great addition to the game and will help you get through more challenging fights with greater ease.