Drop In Like It’s Hot! Hotspots in PUBG Mobile’s Karakin Map

PUBG Mobile has released a new map for players to fly in and conquer: Karakin! Of course, we’re here to help you with the hottest tips and hotspots for you to land in and loot to your heart’s content. There are some dangerous and high-risk areas you should enter only if you’re confident enough in your skills or to absolutely avoid that we’ve mapped out for you below.

So, here’s a handy infographic you could refer to on the go to learn more about PUBG Mobile’s latest Karakin map as well as the hotspots to keep an eye out for when dropping in. Do let us know your favorite spots for dropping in down in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to save the image for reference. Or you could share the info with your friends – Chicken dinners are always best enjoyed with your buddies!

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map