Dual Band Accessory Lets You Wear Both Analog Watch And Apple Watch

While smart wearables are the future, the need for a good looking analogue watch is still in-demand for most watch enthusiasts. Now, one German company gives the best solution with the Dual Strap System.

Designed by German watchmaker Sinn, the Dual Strap System works strapping both an analogue watch and an Apple Watch in one band using shortened straps. If you’re really not sure how that looks, check out the video that shows it off:


Yes, it looks really silly and at $210 for just the band, it’s priced ridiculously as well. Of course, if you buy it with a Sinn watch, you can get the Dual Strap System at a much cheaper $120.

You can purchase the Dual Strap System at the company’s site here if you’re so inclined to part with your money. As for the rest of us, we’ll just wait until Apple redesign’s their watches.

Source: Sinn via The Next Web