Dungeon Fighter Online: A Gift For Mintai

Dungeon Fighter Online: A Gift For Mintai

Obtain rewards by giving presents to Mintai!

How to participate:

  1. Simply hunt the monsters in the Optimal Level Dungeons to gather the Christmas Present Crafting Kits.
  2. Visit Bantu tribesmen to distribute the material.
  3. Upon distribution, you will be rewarded according to the completion level of the present for Mintai.


Note that there is a limit of Christmas Present Crafting Kits that can be collected per day.

  • Weekdays – 50
  • Weekends and Jan 2 to Jan 3 – 150


Bantu Tribe’s Gift

The Bantu Tribe will reward you according to the gift craft part and level of completion (30%/60%/100%).

Mintai’s Thank-You Gift

Once all of the presents for Mintai are completed, Mintai will craft a Dreamcatcher as a gift for the Bantu. Mintai will reward you with 50 Golden Beryl as a reward for you if you help make Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatchers can be made repeatedly!

Available from Dec 6, 2022 to Jan 3, 2023.

Note that all event items will be deleted at 09:00, JAN 3, 2023 UTC, so don’t miss out!

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