Dungeon Fighter Online | Lakesis’ Research Notes!

Have you read the journal of the curious researcher Lakesis? Plentiful rewards await Adventurers who aid her in her research about Arad!
APR 19 – MAY 31

Everyday Research Mission

Everyday Research missions are divided into Daily and Weekly missions.
Complete the missions and click the Get button to receive the reward and Research EXP.
*Daily Research is reset daily at 09:00 UTC and Weekly Research is reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.

Special Research Mission

Gain research experience and achieve long term research results through constant data collection and in-depth research.
Increase your research level by steadily achieving research missions and gaining research experience.
Additional rewards can be obtained based on your Research EXP.

You will be rewarded as you achieve each level of research (40% 80% 100%)

Travel through Spacetime with the Spacetime Spectrometer obtained from Lakesis’ Research Notes, and farm Lv. 100

Epic Mythic Equipment and various materials, and use Resplendent Sands of Time to summon or convert Mythic equipment.




Karma Koin (EU) Karma Koin (CA) Karma Koin (AU) Karma Koin (Global)




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oBucks Card
oBucks Card
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