Dungeon Fighter Online: One-Shot Amplification Sale

Dungeon Fighter Online: One-Shot Amplification Sale

Enhance your gear now with the One-Shot Amplification Package now!

The Package (Account-bound) include Silver Amplification Grimoire, +10 Amplification Ticket, Amplification Protection Ticket & Single-use Equipment Amplifier x20.

Moreover, they will be a Ampryoshka Box [Lv.1] (Account-bound) & Ampryoshka Key [Lv.1] (Account-bound).


Ampryoshka Box [Lv.1] (Account-bound)

  • Contains 5% +10 Amplification Ticket
  • Ampryoshka Box [Lv. 2]


Ampryoshka Key [Lv.1] (Account-bound)

  • A Key required to open Ampyoshka Box Lv. 2 or above.
  • Get up to 90% +10 Amplification Ticket for guaranteed chance!


The sale will be available from Sep 28 – Oct 25, 2022.


Be sure not miss out this chance the enhance your weapon!

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