Dutch Players Can View The Content Of Dota 2 Loot Boxes Before Purchase

Steam has recently changed its loot box system to provide Netherland players the ability to see the item inside the loot boxes before they buy them.

dota 2 loot

The Netherlands Gaming Authority has started enforcing its ban on video game loot boxes containing items of monetary value that can be traded outside of the game for financial gain. Due to measures implemented by video game publishers, players of certain games are now no longer able to trade their virtual items.

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Valve initially removed loot boxes and blocked access to both trading and the Steam marketplace for Dota 2 and Counter-strike: Global Offensive players located from the Netherlands and Belgium following notices sent by the gaming authority. Under Dutch law, the organization argued that loot box items are determined by chance and that the items contained within can have a market value. The Netherlands Gaming Authority even warned game makers who sells loot boxes to modify their games or else enforcement action will be taken on those who failed to meet the necessary legal requirements.

Additionally, players can no longer purchase several boxes in bulk. Instead, the item inside is now bind to player’s account. The Steam marketplace is still disabled in compliance to the complaints filed by the Netherlands Gaming Authority.