E3 2021 Day 1 Highlights – Ubisoft showcased Avatar game

The biggest video gaming event, Electronic Entertainment Exhibition, better known as E3 is finally back, ever since last year’s was cancelled due to the pandemic. E3 2021 can now be streamed live and is held between 12-15 June. You can watch it here.

The first day kicked off with a big announcement that E3 2022 will be held in Los Angeles. This news came from Los Angeles Mayor himself, Eric Garcetti who promoted his city as a hub for the gaming industry.


Ubisoft was first in the lineup and revealed a sequel to “Mario + Rabbids,” the wacky Nintendo and Ubisoft mash-up strategy game for Nintendo Switch. The game was dubbed “Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope”, which was accidentally confirmed by Nintendo ahead of time. Oops. The first game incorporated Minion-like Rabbids creatures and Mario’s illogical fantasy kingdom worlds, with guns to shoot with. This time, Mario will be getting two guns.


Alongside updates on the second year of post-launch support, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is also getting new DLC called The Siege of Paris which will feature Eivor as they lead their band of vikings on an attack on the French capital. “The Siege of Paris DLC” will launch sometime this summer.


Next up is Riders Republic, featuring a wide-open world. It almost seems like a mix of “Tony Hawk” and “Forza Horizon Motorsport,” allowing players to roam around a huge park filled with various biomes for bikers, gliders, snowboards, skaters and more. The game holds promise, especially if you’re the kind of player that enjoys the competitive racing modes in “Grand Theft Auto: Online.” As you participate in new races or events, you unlock more gear.


Ubisoft then finally moved on to one of its big titles, “Far Cry 6”, showing more of the protagonist interacting with their resistance group in the game’s Cuba-based setting. The cutscenes underscore that much of the story in “Far Cry 6” will be told in third-person, despite being a first-person shooter. Giancarlo Esposito’s character Anton Castillo also makes a menacing, scene-chewing appearance, grabbing his son Diego from a fishing boat. More surprising was the announcement of a season pass for the game, which teased all the villains of the last three “Far Cry” games as playable protagonists in some sort of dreamlike state.


The long-running tactical shooter franchise “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six” is now being invaded by aliens. A computer-graphics cinematic trailer showcased black goo, a common trope in video games to showcase “otherworldly” beings taking over everyday venues in San Francisco. The trailer showed remote-controlled drones, a staple of the Rainbow Six series, but now they’re being used to scope out aliens, called Archaeons. The new “Rainbow Six Extraction” will launch on September 16.


Ubisoft ended the broadcast with a computer-graphics trailer of “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora”. This is the first glimpse of the Avatar game since its mysterious announcement in 2017. There’s nothing much to go about the game except we see the “Avatars” on their flying mounts and human soldiers in their mech suits fighting.


Next in line, we have Gearbox. “Godfall” is getting cross-gen play and launching for the PS4 on August 10. The PS4 version of Godfall also comes with a free PS5 upgrade. A Fire and Darkness expansion was announced, alongside an upcoming Lightbringer update which will allow players to earn cursed loot and fashionable, new armor.


The stream also showcased the Borderlands spinoff game “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands”, which was revealed earlier this week during Summer Games Fest. You will be able to fight Wyverns in the upcoming Borderlands spin-off.

And that’s a wrap for the first day of E3 2021. Stay tuned for more news from OffGamers!


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