EA And Petroglyph Games To Remaster Several Command & Conquer Classics

Electronic Arts is bringing classic strategy game series, Command & Conquer, with a remaster for the PC.

EA has provide confirmation that it intends to remaster the original Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and its remaining expansions to support 4K with the assistance of Petroglyph Games. Most of the development team from Westwood Studios is currently employed in Petroglyph, and they are the same developers that was responsible in designing and creating the original Command & Conquer in 1995. To date, Petroglyph has developed strategy games like Grey Goo, Star Wars: Empire at War and Guardians of Graxia. The studio will also be partnering with Lemon Sky Studios to help bring these original games to 4k. Lemon Sky is one of the premier art studios with a unique specialty in remastering classic RTS titles.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, along with the expansions Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath will be released as a single remastered collection with no microtransactions.