Easier way to grab a MULTI GAME CARD now!

Easier way to grab a MULTI GAME CARD!

Purchase Multi Game Cards with your GLOBE Load!

Just text MGC Help and send to 2656 (Available for Globe & TM subscribers only)

Multi Game Card is a leading cash-based alternative payment platform for online games, virtual goods and digital content. It provides an easy way for users to access multiple games around the world.

Where to use: MGC Games.

Buying Guide:

Purchase MULTI GAME CARD with your mobile credits by sending MGC <denom> to 2656.

To get a list of available Multi Game Card, send MGC LIST to 2656.

You will receive a message containing your 18 digit Serial and 16 digit PIN and gain access to the

hottest mobile games! Click Here.

View previously purchased pins by sending PIN MGC to 2656.

This service is exclusive to Globe and TM subscribers.

HELP? Mon-Sat 7A-7P Call 887-3973

For more information, please visit: HERE.

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  • ynan January 23, 2017

    good day

    • Peter John Anana June 20, 2017

      hellow ? sir ? why we can’t buy MGC 2 by Registering Globe ??

  • Peter John Anana June 20, 2017

    why we can’t buy load MGC 2 ??

  • bashscrazy August 24, 2017

    How do you use this? It says it works on MapleStory and Nexon but no clue how to get it to work.
    Please help.

  • GhostReaperX August 25, 2017

    Is this a joke? Why can’t I buy MGC using TM load? This post sucks…. :l

  • GhostReaperX August 25, 2017

    Such a waste of money…

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