Easily recharge MIR4 cheaper, special discount on MGC!


As Eid al-Fitr is approaching, OffGamers is giving players some special offers!

OffGamers is a leading digital retail distribution and payments platform and has launched a “MGC MIR4 Exclusive Card” which is a premium game recharge exclusive card.

As you can tell from the name, “MGC MIR4 Exclusive Card” is specially designed for recharge service for MIR4 games. Here you can enjoy 6.5% discount, you can also experience the Reward Points from recharging and more game feasts brought to you by OffGamers.

1. Visit OffGamers website and search “MGC MIR4 Exclusive Card” and purchase.

2. After purchase, Open MIR4 Shop and choose the Product preferred.

3. Choose the preferred product and click “Purchase”

4. On Payment Methods, Click “Show More Methods”

5. Choose “MGC (Multi Game Card)” as payment method.

6. Insert Serial Number and PIN, click Pay Now to complete your purchase.

If the Multi Game Card (MGC) product you want to buy does not have the value or denominations that you want, now you can combine the cards into the value that you want!

For example: if you want to buy a 160USD Multi Game Card, you can buy a 100USD and a 60USD Multi Game Card, and then combine them together at https://www.multigamecard.com/site/combine-card to form a 160USD Multi Game Card and then recharge again.




MGC MIR4 Exclusive Card



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