Echo Of Soul Online SEA – Closed Beta on 23rd Feb 2016!

Echo of Soul closed beta service will be open on 23rd Feb 2016!


In the game, players take control of adventurers, called Soulkeepers, who are tasked by the gods of the world to combat evil.Players have the unique ability to collect souls from the monsters they kill, which they can then use to customize their character.

The game has a wide array of both PvE and PvP modes. PvP is available at level 10, so players are able to reap the benefits of this feature early on in the game. For example, PvE includes solo dungeons, party dungeons, and raids.PvP content includes 5 vs. 5 and 15 vs. 15 battles, as well as guild vs. guild combat in both the open world and a separate instanced battlefield.

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