Echo of Soul | Women’s Day Event!

Soulkeepers, and especially female Soulkeepers, we wish you a truly happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations, Ignea town will hold a special monster mash event for its visitors on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, 20:00 EOS Time on Channel 2!

Event Description

Event participation is open to all players however our suggestion is to have at level 90 or higher. Once the event has been announced the cute or rather deadly creatures will fight their way to Ignea. You can expect a lot of players to show up for this event, so it’s recommended to lower graphics in the in-game Video Settings and show only your character and effects through the Performance Settings to provide more stability when running in a crowded place.

During the event usage of Revival is disabled by event specification. Upon death you will not be able to revive yourself. Only Game Masters can do it, so please try not to die and if you do, wait until you get resurrected.


Event Reward

For taking part in this event you will get extra experience for your character and items dropped from the defeated monsters.


Hone your blades, rosin the bows and get ready for a battle!

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