Elden Ring Gets VR Mod


Now is your opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a Tarnished and explore The Lands Between, as a virtual reality (VR) mod for Elden Ring is on its way.

VR modder, Luke Ross is responsible for several VR modifications for various triple-A titles, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Ross has also posted a video to his YouTube channel depicting an early peek at what the completed mod would look like.

Video Source:YouTube


The mod places you in the shoes of a Tarnished. With evading and rolling being the primary fighting movements in Elden Ring, rolling about must be a sickening experience. Ross, on the other hand, pointed out that when the character rolls, the camera does not follow and remains oriented to the player’s head.

A third-person perspective is also obtainable, although Ross advises against using it since it might cause dizziness owing to the disconnected and disorienting experience of playing VR in third-person perspective.

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