Elden Ring Has Finally Gone Gold

Elden Ring, the highly-anticipated action-RPG by FromSoftware (and with additional world-building elements from Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin), has officially gone gold.

As revealed on Twitter by @EldenRingUpdate, a Taipei Game Show video confirms the game has now gone gold and shouldn’t receive any delay from its release across PC and consoles on February 25.

For those unfamiliar with the term, going gold offers an important step forward in a game’s development process because it indicates that a master version of the game has been finalised and that it’s on its way to being turned into digital and disk-based copies, ready for sale (although Day 1 updates are often worked on after going gold).

Originally due to launch this month, fans across social media will be delighted to hear that everything is on schedule for the game’s latest February release date. As explained in a new video, FromSoftware‘s Yasuhiro Kitao further reassured fans over the game’s development during a presentation at the Taipei Game Show.

Asked if development was going smoothly, Kitao said, “It is. Elden Ring was originally slated for release in January of this year, and it has been pushed back once to February. But please be assured, the title will be ready for sale on February 25. The master version has already been submitted, and right now, the team is working on a day one patch to make sure everything in the game is just so.”

While still a month away from going on sale, Elden Ring has already started 2022 the right way by becoming Steam’s most-wishlisted game. The Hidetaka Miyazaki directed title claimed the top spot away from Techland’s Dying Light 2 this month – ending a twelve-month streak in the position from the zombie open-world action RPG.

That being said, news of the game’s pre-release success isn’t to be surprised. From footage of the game’s beautiful environments and behemoth bosses to a leaked version of its character editor, fans seem to be lapping up all the content they can before next month’s launch.

For more on Elden Ring, make sure to check out this article delving into why game director Hidetaka Miyazaki is yet to play Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls.




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